Friday, November 22, 2013

Create a star instead.....

   I went to continue working on the Faux Braid sheet....and I have misplaced it.  I am sure it is still somewhere in this computer, but where, oh where, did this gal save it?  Never fear, I decided not to panic but throw in this little idea I creatively borrowed (that is stole in real language) from a pin seen from  Etsy.
  This is just a quick sample, making it up as I went, so pardon the lack of precise measurements.

  •    Start with a plain square.  I used 3" in this sample.  Next time I would recommend a 3 1/2" square.
  •   Add a 2" by 3 1/2" strip to one side.  
  •   Add strip number 2---2" by 4".

  •   Repeat until you have added 3 rounds to the 2 adjoining sides.  
  •   Trim the band unit  like you would for a braid quilt.  I aligned the ruler line so that it goes thru the center points of the square and braid rounds and the cutting edge exactly on the edge of the square.  
  •    For the large triangles:  Cut a 5 1/2" square ( or a 6" square if you like to have fudge room to trim).  Cut on the diagonal to get 2 triangles.    Sew a triangle to each side of the band.
  •   Square up the sides if needed and square the unit to 7".  Note--- here is where I did my fudging by trimming the inner corner of the prints.    

  Now repeat the whole process until you get 4 blocks.

  Here's the beginning of your braided star.   Click here to see the inspiration quilt.
   If not a large about a Christmas table runner, or set on point for a wall hanging?

  Thanks to Nicki for suggesting I link these posts in the tutorials section for future reference.  I am always forgetting where I explained something and thought this was a great idea....I am working on it now.

  So the finale is the Faux Braid....I promise to get it up next week, even if I have to start from scratch!

Happy stitching.  


  1. I love the braid / star idea! Really neat. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Now I would not have thought of using the braid in a star. Maybe the French braid played with for this idea too.

  3. I love this block! Thanks for sharing and the link to the inspiration ... :) Pat

  4. What a fun twist to the braid pattern. I can see it in batiks in graduated shades--intense color in the middle, gradually getting lighter--with a black background! Make that for me, will ya Debbie? : )

  5. I love that star quilt and really like Janet suggestion for the graduated shades, sounds like it's right up your alley.

  6. Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Very cool... and love the star block! GREAT idea to link these posts to tutorials for future reference... I'm sure I'll be looking for them!

  8. Another great pattern!!! Thanks for sharing,keep me busy ...

  9. Oh, I can't believe I almost missed this blog on the star braid. My computer has been down for 6 days & I've been waiting to see what else you've come up with dealing with favorite...a star block. I love, love, love it! Thanks sooooo much.


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