Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What a difference

Difference number 1:  What a difference all that cutting made!  I have space---free space---in my stash closet  on the floral shelves!  Of course, I now have 3  overflowing and jam packed boxes of floral strips instead of 2.  I could thin it out a little bit more, but figured it was time to do something with a few strips.

Difference number 2: 
   I finally picked out a magazine for my Let's Book It project for the month to try using those floral fabrics.  But a little intervention occurred when I read about a finish at A Simple Life Quilts.  Deb shared a finished project called Minnesota Hot Dish. I realized it was the same pattern, only the value and color placement were different!
  Here's my first sample block---to test my math---and the magazine with the same block with a different arrangement.  What a difference the placement of value makes here.

This is a perfect block for using strips.
 And only a couple of spots require kind of fun!
So now I get to cut up some strips and play with fabric.

  A lesson relearned here.  A traditional block can be transformed by where you place the value.  Reversing light and dark areas can provide a variation and a striking difference.

  •  I need to think outside the box more often.
  • Listen to my inner voice.
  • Forget trying to follow the latest thing.
  • Make more quilts!
And I am so glad my mojo has come home!  Happy stitching.


  1. Interesting change to the look. Have fun playing with those lovely strips.

  2. I like that block, will it do a free form zig-zag? I'm so glad your mojo back, I've had a few messages from mine so I'm hoping it will be back soon.

  3. Looks like it will make a streak of lightening-ish quilt. Cool!
    I especially liked your "forget trying to follow the latest thing!" I need to tell myself that more often!!

  4. Oh I like your block a whole lot better than the one on the cover. I'm having the hardest time seeing how your block & the cover block are the same except for value placement.

  5. Love -thinning out the crowd-. Also not following the latest thing--- sometimes becomes the new thing!
    Your block is look'n Good!

  6. Can't wait to see your finish! This is going to be fantastic!! :)

  7. What a great way to use up those pesky strips that keep breeding like rabbits!


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