Sunday, December 21, 2014

Four Days before.....

  With sincere apologies to the real poets of the world......
Four days before Christmas, I had just checked my list.
 Gifts were bought and cookies were made.
Today I'll do laundry, so clean clothes will abound.
I was just sitting down, and there arose such a clatter.
I jumped from my chair to see what was the matter.
The racket was loud, vibrating, a clank.
Sir Old Man came a running, as he yelled "Shut her down".
 Out came the pliers, a screwdriver, and such.
Oh,  there's the flashlight, and the vacuum we need.
Up came the lid, off went the back.
The lint was a flying, while looking
for something  that had to be stuck.
Not the basket, nor belt, no mouse could be seen.
Not a sock, or a goblin making it scream.
Unbolt the front and what did he see.
The fan was dismounted, come loose it would seem.
A screw that was loose had created the scene.
Mrs. Claus feels exhausted, quite shaken you know.
Wet clothes on some hangers are nothing to show.
Sir Old Man is so handy, always ready to work.....
Disaster  averted, all is well...I was such a jerk!
Insight:  Before a holiday, expect an appliance to break or malfunction.  It is part of the cycle of life.  And your temper tantrums do not help.

 So on a merrier note....... my favorite little hang up for Christmas.  He always makes me smile.  And after today, a little cheer will cover me quite well.  My lists are long for the next few days, so I will return next weekend.

  May you find some peace and solace during this season with friends and family.  Hug them, and love them.  Hold on to them tightly and cherish each moment.  The gift of yourself is the one that counts.  And a little fabric never hurts :)


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Merry Christmas and Season's Blessings.

Janet O. said...

Well, you created a fun poem from a frustrating experience.
That is a fun elf hanging around your place. : )

Dana Gaffney said...

Temper tantrums may not help but they sure do feel good when you're having them, the later apologizes, not so much :) Have yourself a merry little Christmas, it's true, the best gift is ourselves.

Lynne said...

I wish you and Sir Old Man a happy and peaceful Christmas.

My Christmas Day will be strange -- we are joining DD's in-laws at their house, 600km from home. We celebrated Christmas last Saturday with my mum, MIL, brother, DSIL, niece, uncle (dad's brother), aunt, DD and the grand boys so I've done all the preparation, given the presents, served the food and cleaned it all up, and it's still only December 24!

Mary said...

I'm glad the crisis was met and conquered. Everyone is allowed at least one meltdown during the season, you just got yours' done early--no guilty feelings permitted from this point forward. May the rest of your Christmas be joy-filled and peaceful!

MulticoloredPieces said...

And a happy Holiday Season to you, too, Debbie. I really like the "Will work for milk and cookies"! Your Carolina Chain is a knockout--love the colors, and of course the classic design looks so fresh.
Best, nadia

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