Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Booking It...again

  Let's Book It over at Vrooman's quilts has kept me going this year.  So why miss out on a good thing?  Thanks, Sharon, for having the insight to enable so many of us to make those projects!
  From August....a finish.
I showed this a few days ago, but here it is again.  I called it A Nickle Saved because of the 5"squares that it used up.

Sonja's Windows  For the New Year, a new Let's Book It project.  I offered a PDF version of the pattern yesterday.  So far I have sent about a dozen off, but several commenters are "no-reply" bloggers.  That means I have no way to reply and send a pattern.  so either link your email or send me a personal email.
   I thought I would share a few tips to make the Sonja's Windows pattern.

Once the "slabs" of strips are made, you need to square them up to 14" by the pattern.  (Of course, you could make them smaller---like 12".)  But for this one, I think bigger is better.  I do not have a 15" square I rigged this up.

   By taping together two different rulers, I created something that would be stable and not shift while cutting.  I used my 12 1/2" square taped to a longer 6" ruler.   I used a wide blue painter's tape for this.   Then I used the narrow 1/4" masking tape to mark the correct edge measurement.  That is a help for these older eyes of mine.
  Secondly, I made the first cuts to size by trimming the long straight edges first before trimming the top and bottom---across the strips.
 Pin the corners before you sew  two slabs together.  Remember that one slab is running vertical strips and the other one is running horizontal strips.

  Then cut diagonally from corner to corner ---both ways.  You end up with 4 blocks that are 9".  The edges are bias, so don't cut until you are ready to add the narrow strips to stabilize the blocks.

    This is the first batch of blocks with the added strip in a goldish tan. Actually, I am using a couple of different fabrics of the tan.  Also, you might note that some of my strings/strips are pieced.....I needed to do that to get enough length for some pieces.
  More slabs to make....more strips to piece....a couple of quilts to make.
Happy stitching....while Booking It!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love the nickel quilt and the new strip project looks interesting. Thank you for linking up.

Terri said...

More beauties being made.
Hugs and Happy New Year

Janet O. said...

I am really liking your new blocks. Such a fun use of strings!

Lynne said...

Would it be possible to add the narrow strips before you cut the diagonals thereby stabilising the bias edge?

Gram999 said...

I love the pattern and colors. Please send the pattern. Thanks.


Sylvia Anderson said...

Hi Debbie, I goofed yesterday and sent a request by e-mail instead of requesting from the comment section, but I would love to have the directions for the String Quilt. Hope your New Year is a Happy and Healthy one.

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

I just added Sonja'a windows to my list of projects....great quilt!

Duck said...

Love this quilt, pattern please.

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