Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A personal Quilt Tale

  I love sharing quilt stories....I call them quilt tales.  These two things  happened recently to me.  It gave me a warm heart to know how my family does feel.

I got this text message and photo from one of the "grandpups"

Dear Grandmom- Thank you for making us lots of quilts.  I'm snuggled in on this cold snowy night.  Mommy keeps trying to make me go out... Please tell her 6" of snow makes that request unreasonable.  Lots of love- Nicolas

  You have to love that cute face.....of course, I think this is just a plea for another quilt!

  Then over the weekend: 
Dan's journey
  When my brother abruptly moved for a job a couple of years ago, we pitched in and did a lot of the packing up.   The weekend he was allotted for the pack up did not make a dent it what had to be done.  Luckily, his house had a storage area off the basement that could hold most of everything he was leaving.  Sir Old Man put a lock on the door and then helped me pack box upon box, and made multiple trips to drop off donation items.

Under the Sea..not quite finished

     Over the weekend, my brother called and said he would be up this week to clear out and take care of the items he left.  I questioned why since his older son is living in the house now.  He replied that there were some things missing....things he said were valuable.  I thought that odd because we did not remember anything of "value" being put in there.
   Then he said, "The quilts.  The quilts are gone.  I looked for them at Christmas.  I was afraid to tell you."
    Shocked, I said,....No, I have the quilts.  We were concerned about mildew or mold and stored the quilts under the bed.  He was relieved--a lot--and I was surprised/pleased to find out he considered them that valuable.   The three photos are part of his collection of quilts.....I can't find photos of the others.  I need to take care of that.

 Moral of the story:   I am reminded of Sally Fields accepting her Oscar many years ago....."You like me. You really, really like me."    Yes, our families do like our quilts.  In fact, they have placed a high value upon them.  Even if they never say so in words, our quilts are valuable to them.  Make more!


Dana Gaffney said...

What a great post! Of course they love the quilts, making something for someone you love, especially something as beautiful as the quilts you make, is a labor of love and your loved ones know that.

Mary said...

What sweet stories! I know how much you must have appreciated that affirmation from your son.

Michele T said...

Beautiful "Quilt Tales" - warms my soul!!

Janet O. said...

Nice stories, Debbie. It validates all of your efforts, doesn't it? : )

Jasmine said...

Such a sweet story. It is wonderful when our quilts are so appreciated.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Lovely post today.

Lynne said...

What great stories. I've not made quilts for anyone in my family except my grandsons; one of whom wasn't even conceived yet, and my great-niece. I can't imagine anyone else, except DD and WM, thinking they were suitable gifts!

Helen@Till We Quilt Again said...

Guess what? I not only like---I LOVE your cute dog and all your wonderful quilts! And all your recipients do too!

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