Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Beginning English Garden quilt --the layout

   Last year Deb at a simple life quilts and I discussed doing a Year of Floral quilts.  Life intervened and we never got to the planning stage.  I am starting my year off with a floral quilt, and have plans for a couple more that I will share with  my variations.

 In my last post I showed the block I was using for the English Garden quilt.  It is a variation of a log cabin.....and you need to pay attention to the assembly and add logs to the proper side.  Ask me how I know.....I had a few that had the light and dark small square switched and they had to be ripped.

   So I teased you with the layout description.   Here's the photo from the book of the layout.    Note: the original pattern was made with 1 1/2" strips....I am using 2".
   The layout for the English garden quilt is a little different than most quilts. The rows need to be assembled vertically since the blocks are staggered.   I had to study the diagram to see that each row lines up differently than the previous one.

   Here's the book photo of the quilt....can you see the twisted ribbon effect?  Again this would be a great two color pattern, or done in batiks.

 After making the blocks, I was overly anxious to see what a few blocks would look like.  So a layout test came next with just a few blocks and a couple of strips that will be part of the vertical sash.    This photo also gives you a chance to see the fabrics I am using.
  I also made an adjustment  to my fabric selection for the background....I'll share that when I get it cut......which is my next step for today.
   There's a forecast for freezing rain tonight....and also in the morning.  I may miss the Bible study group if the forecast is correct----you can't get down our hill or across the bridge safely with that slick stuff around.  Bad weather = more sewing time.
   Before I hit the rotary cutter, I want to say thanks for the support for my change in focus.  I had so many extra emails about it that I was quite surprised.  Many expressed the need for blogs with details and instructions rather than just photos of finishes, which are so great to me for inspiration.  These are young and older quilters that don't have access to a local shop or instructor.  Some are just plugging along, lost in trying to figure things out for themselves.   So sharing the wealth of knowledge and experience in our heads and hands  might be just what they need.   Renew your process pledge and pay it forward!  Happy stitching.   


  1. Oh, my! This is going to be a gorgeous quilt! Just found the book on Amazon and ordered it!

  2. This is a new take on floral quilts, to me. It is a very clever design--what a beauty it will be!

  3. That looks though provoking........... You will enjoy making this one..........

  4. I had to go back and read your "change of focus" post, somehow I missed it, what a great idea, maybe you can get people back to where they were when I first started reading blogs, there was so much help and info out there. I've always thought of you as a teacher though, personally you've taught me quite a bit, thanks.

  5. Be careful about the weather tomorrow. This looks like a wonderful design.

  6. Good morning Debbie....This looks like another winner project in the works and will look forward to following your journey through the English Garden. It's below zero here this morning, foggy and gloomy, a good day to be sewing, but the tendonitis in my arm is saying no, so I'll make some split pea soup instead. Thank goodness I have the hubby to lift pots for me, since I only make soup in 16 quart pots, and once filled, are way too heavy for me. Yummm, can't wait till dinner tonight. Have a good day.

  7. Fabulous I`ll follow your progress!

  8. A lovely quilt design.

    Congratulations on the extra comments you received on your last post.


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