Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Finds

   From this week's pins. Please visit these blogs to see the complete post and details.  I am sure they would love some company!

From Chasing Cottons
 Pop Flower Coasters......a little smaller version of a mug rug..... I found this at Chasing Cottons blog.  She has a good tutorial for construction and the pattern pieces are there too.   I love the op-art style flowers---they remind me of the 60's style art.  Wouldn't they be cute for a border, on a tote bag, or even for a table runner?

must try this technique: A Guide to Board Basting | RIght Sides Together
From Right Sides Together blog

  I have not tried this yet...but I am thinking I need to find some long boards.  I may need to "shop" for them in the workshop.

Board Basting from Right Sides Together
   This technique allows you to pin baste/spray baste / thread baste your quilt top while comfortably sitting at the kitchen table by using long boards for rolling your quilt.   There is a detailed tutorial on this technique, as well as the original by Sharon Schamber.  I thought this handy guide that she provided was worth a mention.

Quilt labels

  Labels----printable and a tutorial.  I use computer printed labels for my quilts with graphics from a greeting card program.  So when I spotted this freebie, I thought it would be a good idea to share them.   There is a good tutorial on printing them.  You can  edit the pdf  with your personal info for printing, or just print and write on them with a pen.

  If you find a really great "pin", send it to me.  Thanks, and happy stitching.


Sylvia Anderson said...

Good morning Debbie, and thanks for the postings today. I've subscribed to the video so that I can look at it later when I have more time. Please let us know if you raid the hubb's workshop and try this out. Hope you have a wonderful and productive week-end with whatever you choose to do.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love the coasters and yes, I can see a cute runner with these flowers.

Lynne said...

Thanks for sharing again this week.

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