Monday, January 26, 2015

Project folio...testing sample

    A couple of weeks ago, I shared a pin I found  for a travel tool case....see it here.    Dana at Stormy Days commented that I might need to add a flap, as the design allowed the tools to slide out.   Ah, good point.....I needed to think about this one before trying it.
  Yesterday afternoon was spent trying a test sample to see where the problems were in the change of design I came up with.  This is not a tutorial, but a look into my creative process including the problems and possible solutions.    You can see my page of notes, and scribbles as I work and change things.

    First, I altered the size.  I wanted to be able to put my 9 1/2" junior ruler and a small mat in the side pockets.   I decided to add/try a double pocket on the left side.  That makes the left edge very thick.....I may not use the double pocket.

   Second, I turned the tool pocket on its side.  It is in the center section.  I also ended up adding an extra strip of  fabric to the bottom because I thought the pocket was too short.  Another problem to solve here....the center tool pockets are too tight.  I need to add a bit of fullness there.  I will change the shape of the pocket when cutting and add about an inch to the top of it.

   Third, a flap closure was added to the right side by making the length longer.  This creates a tri-fold folio style.  It also allows a spot for some wool felt to be stitched down for pins, and a smaller pocket too.

  From the outside, here is the folded folio.  I added a closure with velcro to the right side.    This works, but seems a bit flimsy.  I may need to make it longer to keep things in proportion.
   I also quilted the outer fabric first.  Then I added a layer of Pellon stiffener---thinking it would provide more body to the folio, which it does.  But it introduces a lot of thickness on the I will trim the Pellon next time so that it is about an inch smaller all the way around.

  This sample needs binding to be finished....but that presented a thickness challenge.  I think I have a solution for it.

   I cut the binding as usual and then pinked the edges, so that it is about 1" wide and double folded.  Note those pinking shears.....they belonged to my mother-in-law and are older than me!  They are heavy and stiff, but they are still sharp.
  My objective today is to add a strip of fusible web to one side of the binding.  The pinked edge will be fused to the inside.  Then the folded edge will wrap around to the outside and be top stitched in place.    I am not sure if I will like this, but that's what a sample is for....trying things.

    From the outside, the back is not as nice as it should be.  I do not like  the lines stitched over the quilted fabric very much.  I am debating on only stitching the tool pocket down through the lining fabric and the Pellon stiffener.  This would need to be done before assembly to the outer fabric.      Hummmmm.....Light bulb!  That might give me the option of not using binding on the edge.  I will be thinking this one through again.    That is just part of the creative process.  Hope I gave you a little insight to how mine works.    Feel free to throw some more ideas at me on this.  I might incorporate it into this.   Happy stitching.  


Janet O. said...

I am just in awe of how you approach this and work out the issues in a prototype before making your final piece. I would be lucky to get one made following the pattern. You are very thorough and I will be interested to see the final outcome.

Dana Gaffney said...

The way this one folds I don't think you need to worry about things falling out, the fold itself will be your flap. The picture you shared originally was like the one I made with the pockets running along the bottom, that's where the problem was. This is looking good.

Lynne said...

I found this a very interesting post -- I love seeing how others approach challenges!

Joy said...

Great post. It would be great to have a pattern written up with a lot of options for pockets etc., so that one could customize their folio. Win - win. You sell patterns and the customer gets a customized folio!

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