Monday, March 2, 2015

March's beginnings......

  This is the beginning of the new Let's Book It project that I shared a hint about.
  The book is an older one....Awash with Color by Judy Turner.  On the left you can see my foundation pieces that I cut for the string piecing.   I am using some very old, very thin men's shirting fabric I was "gifted" with a while back.  I figured there was no reason to let it go to waste.  

  Taking a break from the feather quilting, I used some string piecing as a little therapy. I am using a 6 1/2" foundation---perfect size because I have that ruler.  I am not being strict about the fabric strings, and you will probably see a few that "read" as more solid than floral.  I just need to clear out a ton of these pieces.  My pieces range from real strings to 1 1/2", and maybe a few wider ones thrown in.
    What I am paying attention to is the value.  That means a dark assortment, and a light assortment.  The light assortment has a range to it....from very light to a light medium value.   The dark group must read darker  when viewed through the value viewer or ruby beholder.

And once again, I am not following all the directions for construction.  The technique taught in the book is a "quilt as you go" technique where you actually piece the strips onto batting and backing.  When you join the blocks they are already "quilted" from the piecing.  Of course that means you need to as a binding strip when assembling to cover the seams on back.  I have done this once, hated it, and won't do it again.  I will stick to the traditional assembly for this.
     So with just 6 blocks completed, you can get an idea of what will develop.  This could be done with batiks, or different color and greens would be so soothing.

   I have 2 more rows of those feathers to do.....I am past the long center rows, so it will move along faster now.  They were a little struggle, and I know where the "goofs" are....but once it is done and washed you will probably never find them!  I really appreciated a short video that the Impera Magna shared by Angela Walters.  She shared her 3 things that quilters should do to enjoy the quilting process more.   I love the part where she said "Comparison is the thief of joy."   And I might add, so is fear.  That's the word this comparing and no fear.....just get it quilted.  Happy stitching.   


  1. I don't like the quilt as you go thing either, the only time I would even consider it would be for a huge quilt and then I'd probably just send it to you for quilting, LOL.

  2. Your new project is going to be another pretty one.
    I enjoyed the video on Freda's blog, too. Really good advice!

  3. Good words for a quilter to live by. I like where your book-it project is heading. Fabulous fabrics and subtle colors.

  4. I love the look of these blocks! Great start to another beauty.

  5. Hi Debbie, Love the new quilt, especially since I enjoy foundation piecing and I have bolts of muslin from many years ago, when I had a cousin with a craft business, who took me with her to the fabric warehouse when she purchased fabrics. Talk about a kid in a candy store! Sure wish I was able to purchase fabric at wholesale prices now, especially since it's escalated so much the last few years. Thanks again for sharing your ideas with us.


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