Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dancing Wings and the end of the month

   A quick glance at this quilt tossed over the chair this morning, and I realized the "wings" seemed to be dancing.....twisting, turning, and spinning around.  That settled the name.....Dancing Wings.

  Colorful wings in blue, pink, rose, purple, turquoise, and yellow  are made with strings of fabric blended by value. Here is the post where I discussed the blending.

   The triangular wings are different sizes,too.  The purple one is my favorite one......or maybe the  turquoise?
   I finished off a couple of mini-bolts to complete this one.  A darker green backing, the lighter green for the border and the pink binding.  Ah, a little breathing room in the stash closet.

   From stings to dancing wings, this was fun project that evolved on its own.  I think it will satisfy Chad's request and Amber's motif plans.

Finishes for the month of February......

   A candle mat for Valentine's Day.

   Table runner in blue and white in the Disappearing Hourglass pattern.

Quilting and binding for a Habitat for  Humanity quilt.

And finally....progress on the English Garden quilt.  Another row of feathers done on this quilt started in January.    It is my current Let's Book It Project.   A few more sessions with Hot Legs and I think I will get it done next month.

   Which means, I need another Let's Book It plan.  Read about the Let's Book It project, hop over here to visit Sharon at Vroomans Quilts.    She is our enabler/motivator to pull those books of ideas off the shelf and make something great.
  This is my choice.....a string quilt.....but more on that next month.  The sun is shing here and I need to enjoy it while I can.  Happy stitching.


VroomansQuilts said...

I just love your butterfly wings! So simple, so soft, so pleasing to the eye. I have to try your border treatment some time - I think it gives just an extra touch to the finish. Lot's of lovely projects for the month.

Terri said...

Pretty baby? quilt. Love the name, too. Grandma? gives you wings.
Love your other projects, too. There sure isn't any moss growing on you! I especially like the H for H. I know it's an easy pattern, but you've made it really special with your color and print choices. Way to go, Girl.
And the project for Book It next is great. My trouble is I want to make one, too. (Of course, that happens on most of the blogs I read. I must have that addict type personality... for quilts anyway. I easily kicked the meds, even though I still have some of the pain. It's the quilts that are hard to give up. Thank Goodness.

Janet O. said...

Perfect name for your quilt. I really like that you made the "butterflies" different sizes.
Always a joy to see your beautiful feathering!

Mary said...

You have had a great February, and I love your Book It choice for March.

Kate said...

Dancing Wings turned out beautifully! Love all the colors and movement in that quilt.

Dasha said...

Great name for your quilt. As you say, it seems to weave and dance. Love the other things you have showcased, particularly the English Garden quilt you are quilting. Nice choice of project for March.

Dana Gaffney said...

The baby quilt turned out beautiful and that is the perfect name. Breathing room in the closet? I'm still trying to get a little control.

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Dancing Wings is such a beauty and a perfectly sweet baby quilt. I love it! And I can't wait to see more of your Let's Book It project.

Claire said...

I like your blended strings idea; they made cute butterflies. And the repeat in the border was a great touch. Claire aka

Val's Creative Life said...

I like the repeat in the border too. So glad you rejuvenated these cuties at Tuesday archives!

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