Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Of wings and strings

  We visited with a young couple, who are expecting their first child,  over the weekend.  My intention was to make a pinwheel quilt for the their little angel who is expected in 2 months.  Then Amber started talking butterflies, and Chad chimed in with  his "I'm expecting something great" comment.  Oh, boy!

  I looked thru patterns and books and found a unique setting using log cabin blocks to make butterflies.  Only it required about 6 various block types to create the illusion of butterflies......way more than I wanted to tackle.  I checked Pinterest and then my computer files that had been saved.   There I found inspiration.  Butterfly wings composed of strings.  The original file was a modern version with uneven size "wings " of mixed pattern strips.  Of course, I needed to blend the fabrics, and decided to use several color ways for the butterflies.

   I cut squares of light background fabric at 6 1/2".   I matched up pairs of these squares and then I cut off one corner---to reduce bulk.  Each pair of squares was chopped differently so that there would be variation in sizes, just to provide some interest.

   Then I pulled strips in the desired color and began the blending.  Some sets were blended by value from light to dark in the corner, and others were done in reverse shading.   Once I was happy with the arrangement, I began to sew.

    Sewn, and now to trim and square up to 6 1/2" square.  And I have a pair of wings!   Now repeat......

    A few sets up on the design wall will give you an idea of where I am heading. I will get the wings assembled and decide on the border.  

  I sewed while the sleet was pinging on the windows.  It continued most of the night and was followed by freezing drizzle.  We awoke to  a sleet coated yard and roofs with trees dressed in crystal ice.  Beautiful to see but a danger to be outside.  A hard freeze is expected tonight, so everything will be slick and dangerous tomorrow also.  As long as we have power, I have stings to sew.    Happy stitching.  


  1. This is very sweet! I like the technique you are using to create these.

  2. I love the butterflies! So cute.

  3. It will be gorgeous! I love the strings in the blended colors. ~Jeanne

  4. So pretty and happy!
    Sounds like good days for staying in and making butterflies! : )

  5. I like your butterflies. I hope you don't lose power. This Arctic blast has really covered a lot of the country.

  6. Strings to sew while you're frozen inside, it sounds perfect, but I hope it doesn't last too long. It makes me think of hot chocolate and curling up under a quilt.

  7. This is going to be lovely - I really like the way you are blending the fabrics. It does sound like good inside-and-sewing weather.

  8. Lovely butterflies. Love the colors. Hope your power stays on.

  9. How pretty! They really do look like butterflies.

  10. Kinda fun to see what you working on almost exactly a year ago! I love the creative idea of your string butterflies. Thanks for rejuvenating them at Tuesday archives!


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