Sunday, February 22, 2015

A little thawing please

  After 4 days of temperatures not reaching the 32 degree mark, I was ready for some "warmer" temps!  It was too cold to even stick your nose outside and so the result is a little cabin fever here.
  I managed to stay busy.....taxes are done, and helped  Sir Old Man with the final paper work for his Dad, which has gone surprisingly smooth.  I also spent a long day re-vamping supply lists, and handouts for a watercolor workshop I will be doing.  

   Quilting and binding on a Habitat for Humanity quilt is done!    I mentioned this earlier I know, and it had been hanging around way too long.  It was still too cold for me to do a real photo I grabbed a couple of photos as quick as I could.  This is a very scrappy rail fence block that creates a woven design.  I only did the quilting and binding on it.

 One reason I put it off was the backing......really, it is an ugly fabric.  And to top it off, the yardage I was given was 4 inches too short.   This  meant I had to creatively piece it running across the quilt on its side rather than top to bottom.  LOL.....someone may get sea sick looking at the back of this one.

    Then I spent a day basting the butterfly wings baby quilt  and the English Garden quilt.  It was a sunny day to spent in the sun room with clamps and pins.   Our breakfast table is out there and a nice size for pinning smaller quilts.    You might notice the border here.  I nixed my original idea of a picket fence.  I did a small section and realized it was too busy and over whelmed the butterflies.  So I used the old faithful  simple border.

    It was more of a struggle with the English Garden quilt, as it is almost full size.  I had to shift it and re-clamp 4 times to get it completed....but I wasn't going any where and it was sunny out there.   It is ready to go under the needle now.
   Did I mention that I am already tired of the gray days and cold temps?   I think I have that seasonal disorder....I need bright sunlight on a more regular basis.  Guess I need one of those special lamps.   But then, come summer I will whine about the heat.......:)D
   Tomorrow is a grocery run......freezer is getting bare after a full week of lunches and dinners.  And I will finish cutting fabrics for a future project, a repeat of a favorite.  Happy stitching.


Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Looks like a productive day! I'm one who craves sunshine too. The only upside of our latest bout with extended sub zero temps has been lots of sun. My least favorite months are November and March as they tend to be so dreary.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

We had a heat wave today - we reached 30!! But the sunshine was so welcomed that the furries and I took a good walk in it. I used some uglies for backings this weekend too - glad to get them off the shelf and the quilts will be just as cozy.

Quilting Babcia said...

We actually reached 32 degrees here on Sunday but this morning it's back to -2 degrees! I'm so ready for spring! That backing reminds me of the wallpaper in the new house sunroom that I just painted over last week! Another of "what was she thinking?" and shaking my head moments everytime we walked into that room! Happy Monday!

Dana Gaffney said...

I won't tell you how cold it's been here, LOL. That really is ugly fabric, whoever owned it should have just stripped it down.

Prairie Pines Sewing Room said...

It is -13 with wind chills here this morning....I am so looking forward to some warmer temperatures. I love the first quilt you showed and I like the backing too! Makes it very interesting, almost antique looking. You did great with the adding of additional fabric on the borders of your second quilt. Looks like a planned idea.

Sylvia Anderson said...

So happy to see you here this morning. The weather gets to me as well, and it sounds as if our weather is quite similar to yours, yesterday being around 25, but very sunny, and this morning is -2. It's been a very wild winter across the country and it can't end soon enough for me. This weather plays havoc with these old bones and we are looking forward to a break in the cold to get rid of some of the snow as well. How is Sir Old Man's bed coming along? You are blessed to have a hubs as talented as his wife, creating works of art with wood instead of fabric. What a combo!!!

Janet O. said...

Well, you have been making the most of your forced confinement!
I liked the rail fence quilt until I saw the back. *LOL* But once it is keeping someone snug and warm it will only be the pretty front that is in view. : )
Good for you getting some quilts pinned. I stall at that stage--for a LONG time.

Terri said...

Get some yellow fabric to hang by your sewing machine... an experiment. See if that works as well as an expensive light.

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