Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A peek at the design wall

  I wanted a break from that sashing ordeal, so I put up the bonus blocks that are happening from my leaders and enders.
  I did a post  a couple of months ago on the block here......2 patch + 4 patch.   It is really a rail fence variation.
   Seeing the blocks up on the design wall, I realize that this version benefits from using  strong colors in the mixed patches.  Including fabrics with light backgrounds seem to break up the pattern.  It almost looks watered down.  So I will pull out the light ones and look for good brights to liven it up.

    I am not sure of my layout for this one.  I am using the Faux Braid block pattern----quarter ( or some call it half)  log cabin block.
    I originally did a similar one in straight rows....and then gave it up for a donation quilt last year.  I have been working on these blocks off and on for a while because I really like the design and get to play with floral fabrics.  Anyway, I thought I would play  around with the layout and see which I liked.      This one is the barn raising layout....or at least part of one.  I have 48 blocks in total  to play around with.  So I will let this sit and simmer for a little while as I finish up those darn sashings!  For now, I am just going to visit the workshop---and my bed that is being stained---and enjoy a few rays of sunshine.  Happy stitching.     


Dana Gaffney said...

I like that layout for the floral blocks, plus I like the idea of a partial barn raising made with partial log cabins, it's very serendipity :)

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I love the floral fabric blocks. You will have lots of choices of layouts if you feel like playing.

Janet O. said...

When I squint at your rail fence variation I can better see what you mean about the lights breaking up the pattern.
The log cabin blocks (of whatever fraction) look really good! : )

Terri said...

I noticed that on my Good Night Irene... the lights in the squares interfere with the light Xs. Mine is already a flimsy, so the interference is staying.

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