Monday, May 4, 2015

A trio of doll quilts and some answers

     A cute trio of doll quilts arrived last week.  These are from Mrs. Claus of Texas.  Rose, aka Rosenana, is a member of the Circle of Friends.   The colors are just dainty and sweet in this one.

  And the other two are fun and dashing with bright colors.  I love the red dots, they say summer is on the way!
   Thank you, Mrs. Claus for helping and giving of your time and talent.

My version of the Carolina Chain

   After my post of the end of the month projects, I had several emails about the Carolina Chain block.   The original block was from 2010 Quiltmaker magazine....ala Bonnie Hunter.  It is in her column Addicted to Scraps----so that is why I did not post complete instructions on how to make this block.  Bonnie gives so much away, and by posting instructions I know I would be violating copyright.   It is quite easy to figure out and select the size strip you want to use according to your stash.  My quilt in the photo used 2 1/2" strips.

     I began playing around with a smaller version over the weekend.......I know another project, but I was just testing it out  ;)    I have stacks of 2" strips of by adding a few strips of batiks for the center squares, I came up with this.  Each small unit finishes at 4 1/2".

  I have seen this quilt using all batiks....and it is always beautiful.  Then I saw one that a friend did in blue and yellow.....very striking.   What's in your stash?  Pick your favorite fabric style and go for it, I say!

 And several questions about the rail fence with 2 patch + 4 patch  popped up.  Here is the post with the block. 
     My earlier version appeared "watered down" because I included too many squares with light backgrounds.  I put together a few more blocks, keeping the prints and backgrounds deeper in value.  Now, the design becomes more evident.   Of course, you could reverse the rails by using  a dark rail mixed with lighter 2+4 patch units.  That would give a different look!     You can't get easier than a rail fence design.....and it makes a great donation quilt, baby quilt,  or family snuggle up quilt.  Just remember , you are the designer.....let your quilt speak with your voice.   Happy stitching.  


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I have some dolly quilts that need mailing off to you. You are right, these patterns are protected but a quilter should be able to figure out the block units. I like the smaller size - now that will be a popper.

Janet O. said...

Good of you to honor the rights of the designer. Very important.
Love the little version, of course.
I have a doll quilt top made--need to get it quilted and sent!

Dana Gaffney said...

More sweet baby quilts, I love the mail you get :). That quilt is easy to figure out, Bonnie does such wonderful things with scraps and shares so much, I'd buy the book just to support her.

MissPat said...


Thank you for your comments about respecting copyright. As a retired librarian, I know it's a constant challenge to get people to understand and honor copyright and the rights of the designer. I love your blog, especially the watercolor designs. I have a ton of florals and a watercolor quilt is coming up soon on my to-do list.

Nicki said...

Pretty little doll quilts. Rose made some real beauties! Good for you in honoring copyrights.

Terri said...

Pesky rules... but if you were the designer you'd want the rights, too. Glad you recognize that... And speaking about it will remind the rest of us. Thank you.
You make some remark able quilts. In the block with the note on it, I recognized some prints that I have. Maybe I'll get around to using some of them.

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