Friday, May 15, 2015

Blogger's Quilt Festival May 2015

Welcome to the the Blogger's Quilt Festival!

Spring is here.  A time of warmer days that bring a garden filled with delights.   Making this quilt brought memories of wonderful garden tours.

  Visiting the creation of others, seeing their formal gardens of straight paths and fountains, and enjoying the wonders of the informal cottage gardens with twists and turns.   Look closely at this quilt and you will see the influences of both......twisting paths, open spaces --filled with feather quilting, and a shaded border that reminds me of dappled sunlight.

 On the tours I often strayed from the paths, bending under a tree limb to see what hidden treasures I could find.   A gardener will often hide a quiet spot just beyond your view.    Please ignore my un-pulled weeds....this bed is a work in progress.

  I began this quilt in January for my Let's Book It project....hosted by Vroomans Quilts.  Pick a book, find a project, make it!

 The pattern is called English Garden from a publication by the Paloose Patchers from many years ago.   I almost followed the directions.....except I used wider 2" strips.  The blocks that make up the center are a modified log cabin, with one dark side and one light side. When viewed from a distance, it has a wonderful twisted ribbon effect.
    And there is a pieced vertical sashing that almost drove me crazy.   It joins two vertical rows....yet has few reference points for piecing.  


  It was the border that caught my watercolor eye......hundreds of 2" squares that are blended dark to light frame the entire center.  Just made to order for me, as that is what I love to do.  Before you panic and run, I will say I was prepared for this with a heavy stash of 2" squares already cut and a supply of fusible interfacing. 


 I simply worked in sections ---blending, fusing, and joining them as I worked around the quilt.   And no, I did not count the number of squares I used, but I did deplete my stash!

   The wide open spaces were a perfect space to fill with endless feather quilting.  It flattened the "paths" and let the blocks become the feature.  The border was quilted with a medium meandering stitch.

When it came time to name this quilt,  it seemed very natural to call it "Where My Feet May Fall".  I can enjoy a nap under it and view many gardens at the same time.
  Finished size is 64" by 84".....large quilt category.
  Thanks for visiting my garden and enjoy the festival and all it's inspiration.
Happy stitching.


Calicojoan said...

Beautiful quilt, and spectacular quilting. I really need to work on getting those books out that I just had to have, and make something out of them too!

Kim Anness said...

Love the movement in this quilt!

Quilting Babcia said...

A labor of love, and a gorgeous quilt. What do I love best, the log cabin/twisted ribbon blocks or your endless feather quilting - it's a toss-up!

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

It's a lovely quilt !! :)

Mary said...

Your entries are beautiful and you did a great job with photography, too.

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