Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Finishing a few things

  I decided it was time to get a few things finished up to make some space on the "to be done" table.  I am probably the only one in the world that has a stack of small projects that get  set aside for  later completion.  This runner is one of those projects.  It's the Piano Keys pattern done in fall tone florals.  This is the small size using 2" strips.


   Two place mats needed I got to dig through the binding strip bin to find the right colors.  I love these done in the colorways.  I don't do much quilting on them, just some straight stitches in the white area to keep them from shifting.

   The design wall was bare.  I need to have something up there to keep me motivated.   The Carolina Chain---small version---went up on the wall for some interest.   I have a couple dozen units pieced and will get them turned into blocks soon.

   I know I seem to be a one-trick/repeat pony lately, between the string blocks and faux braid, and Carolina Chain blocks......but classics never go out of style.  When I get this one done, I should be ready for something new.
   I am spending the afternoon quilting on Hot Legs....she needed a good workout.  Maybe I will actually have a large finish this month.....happy stitching.  


  1. That piano keys runner turned out so well. Love the feathering, as always.
    Fun placemats. : )
    You are right, the classics never go out of style. What will you be creating with your Carolina Chain blocks?

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing what you and Hot Legs come up with this time! Enjoy!

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing what you and Hot Legs come up with this time! Enjoy!

  4. I like to repeat the fun quilts too and it never really feels like a repeat, always feels fresh and new.

  5. U and Hot Legs - a winning combo. Love the little projects. I have a bunch of tomatoes that need making into pot holders - for at least a year now. You don't need to feel guilty. It is the nature of the beast to put things aside for more pressing projects. I've got a Great Grandgirl or boy coming in Jan., a quilt for a wedding in Oct and another wedding quilt of Drunkard's Path to make/finish. Those tomatoes haven't got a chance.

  6. Little projects don't mind sitting and waiting their turn - it's those big ones that make the worst whining noises.

  7. I love the piano keys runner. It's perfect for fall and what gorgeous quilting!

  8. I always like to see a post from you with a Piano Key runner - I must make one for our dining table! Love the Autumn colours in this latest one of yours.

  9. Hey Debbie... I have to ask what is "Hot Legs"? Does that mean you stand at the machine and you have very attractive legs? LOL
    Lovely runner and mats! the quilting on the runner is so pretty too.
    I just read your interview from the previous BQF and was so impressed! What a gorgeous quilt you did and no surprise that it won! I didn't know if you would know if I commented there, so I came over here to tell you how great a job you did.

  10. I thought I was supposed to have a plethora of small almost finished projects.......... I so enjoy looking at the things you create.

  11. Love seeing your new Piano Keys table runner Debbie! I have a couple more myself to get finished. Thanks for sharing!


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