Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Finds May 22

  My case of batting arrived this now I can get the next quilt pinned.   I ordered from Batt-mart......Quilter's Dream on sale last week.
 The finds this week follow that thought....batting tips.

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 From the Quilting Board.....a handy tip to remember  how to place the batting!  It can affect your stitching and appearance.     * I know I have done this backwards and hated how the stitching looked*.

Laura Wasilowski explains what she calls the Scrim Factor.....on you tube in a short video.  Worth the 2 minutes of watching!

Some miscellaneous.......
   Sir Old Man's latest project gives me a safe, level board walk.  This area is right off the back porch, and gives us access to the rain barrel and bird feeder.  Recycled decking screwed down to 4x4 supports.....made in 2 sections, and pegged in place with rebar.  Sounds easy, but it took 2 days of hard work in the heat.
   Of course it needs to be washed down and painted,  but it is level.....that is all I asked for.  I can keep the weeds pulled and the plants trimmed up down without being worried about stumbling and falling.

   Off to get haircuts and run some errands......stitching later.  


Dana Gaffney said...

The deck path looks really good, be careful painting it when it's wet it will be slippery, ask me how I know.

Terri said...

Thanks for the tips on batting.
Love the deck path. Your hubby does great work.

Janet O. said...

When I first started machine quilting I learned the hard way about the right and wrong sides of the batting!
Lovely path your hubby made for you. He must love you, or something. : )

Carole in Nebraska said...

Thanks for the tip about the batting. I've never had any problem with the W&N and I didn't know there was a right and wrong side. (Does it say anything about it in the instructions that I've never read? Maybe the quilt fairies were watching over me and made sure it was the right way every time. LOL) Any problems that I've had have been with the white W&N which tends to pill.

Lori N said...

That's a very useful tip, as is the one about the scrim in the video link. I never knew there was a difference! Thanks for sharing!

Mary said...

I never realized batting had a right and wrong side. Your hubby made a great walk way for you!

Lara B. said...

Well I had no idea about batting having a right and a wrong side Debbie - thanks for the heads up!
I switched off of using Warm & Natural for the most part now, because I had that same problem once.
Glad you got your path just the way you wanted it - S.O.M. did a great job with it!

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