Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday Finds.....May 1

 I debated on skipping again this week...some weeks are good and others just blah.  But I saw a couple of things that I wanted to share.

From Quilt in a Day
  Need new glasses?  How about these RED ones!  actually, they are Sew Red Glasses for determining value of fabric.  I ran across these at Quilt in a Day.   There is a really good tutorial on color and value that is sure to be worth a quick view, even if you don't need/want the glasses.

Screw B Do Screwdriver - 868407000005 Quilting Notions  Great notion to mine!
From Quilt in a Day

   While visiting Eleanor there---not really, and I am not affiliated with the site, I ran across these small screwdrivers.   I have a very similar  one already, but I want another one for the Tiara, too.  Small in size, but so easy to grip and remove those throat plate screws.



     See the,  another idea to enhance a barn raising layout.  Visit Tamarck Shack to see more photos and closeups of the quilting too.  This one is just stunning.  


Stormy Days: Let's Book It, April 2015
From Stormy Days blog

   Besides the barn raising being on my mind, I have been working on strings.  So of course, I wanted to share this layout design using strings.
     This is one done by Dana at Stormy Days blog.   Dana's version of this string quilt is so full of color and just seems to shimmer.  Visit her to see where she saw the original pattern.

   Those were my picks from this week.  Hope you find a little inspiration......happy stitching.


Dana Gaffney said...

Wow, thanks! I knew you'd love the giant string quilt, we're sisters in strings, LOL. I really love the other quilt, that ones going on my list.

Janet O. said...

I have those Sew Red glasses--the lady that developed them lives a few miles away, near DD#2. They are great help if you are struggling with getting correct contrast in value in your quilts.
Love the barn raising quilt!

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