Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Just yard work.....

   After fighting the weeds in the beds, I have had no energy to sew.  After cutting back bushes that are way over grown, I have not felt like cutting fabric.  I did not mean to stay away so long, but some things must be tackled before the heat wave arrives......and stays.
   We put up the sun shade sails yesterday, and we need to finish one small project before I return to sewing.    The short back path off the porch needs a face lift.  It was originally just stepping stone slabs with lots of ground cover.   The ground has heaved and done its thing--very uneven and dangerous for me---- and now the stones must be re-set or replaced.  We have decided to go for a level path and use reclaimed decking instead of stone slabs.   Hopefully this will be accomplished in short time as Sir Old Man has a plan.   I will provided the lemonade for  heat relief.

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  Then the voting begins next week.......

   A last bloom, and those pesky weeds......and soon I will get back to the regular routine.  Happy stitching.


  1. I agree, get the outside work done before the heat sets in.

  2. You make me feel guilty. I have done absolutely nothing in my yard and garden yet. Well, I did pull a handful of weeds from the rose bed today, but there are many more that need my attention. You are setting a very good example. : )

  3. Can thistles be good for anything? I just pulled out crop from my front yard. Thank goodness that soil didn't get put in the back..I just have this multitude of thistles in the front flower beds. And so... I too....haven't been in my studio much this week. Today, however this morning, it is off to Alsa Craig and the spectacular "Quilts of France" show with two of my best quilting friends. Inspiration to follow, I'm sure!

  4. Gardening is never ending work, thank goodness. Our path is brick and it's doing the earth shuffle, we keep fixing it but it needs a total overhaul. Make sure you take pictures of what Sir Old Man does with yours.

  5. The weeds are so hard to keep under control. It is a never ending job but I can see why you want to get it done before the heat hits. I have no patience when the sweat is running into my eyes.

  6. It's just that time of the year Debbie, when our yards have to take precedence. Our paths did the old Heave Ho this winter too. May you make great lemonade and get your yard squared away before summer bears down on us!


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