Monday, May 11, 2015

Package from across the waves

   A Mrs. Claus package arrived from a long, long way away.  Make that from half way round the globe......Australia, to be exact!   I was so excited to open it.

      Let me just say how my heart is touched when I open one of these packages.  For strangers to come together, share their time, talent, and love and make this project an on-going successful endeavor simply over whelms me.  Every time I open one of the packages, I am reminded of how blessed I am to be able to spread loving kindness with your efforts.

  Mrs. Claus of Australia is a self described "Kiwi" by birth.....that means she is a New Zealander.....and she now lives in Australia.  Let's see what she sent.

  Embroidered blue work  on one with star fish print accent is so cute.  A  fussy cut house is the feature for the second.  

   A kiwi lime stripe is just lots of fun.  The string pieced one on the right has adorable embroidery at the top.   This Mrs. Claus does beautiful handwork!

  A collection of squares for another doll quilt.  This reminds me of vintage treasures from Grandmother's day.  The quilt on the right is the backing Shirlwin used  from the first quilt above.....sea shells to match the front!

   Of course, you knew I would save the purple one for last.  Purple guitars with pink rick-rack accent made me smile!  It really is so cute.  It made me feel like dancing.....or at least think about dancing!  Oh, those were the days of youth.

  Mrs. Kiwi Claus of Australia, aka Shirlwin, is a member of Our Circle of Friends forum.    She is honoring both New Zealand and Australia this year with her donation of doll quilts.

  And yes, Shirlwin, some little girls will love each of these little quilts.  Thank you so much for helping again this year.

Big hugs to all the Mrs. Claus you all.
Happy stitching.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

They all are just so sweet! The collection is growing.

Janet O. said...

What clever little quilts. Love the touches of stitchery--and the purple guitars!! : )

Dana Gaffney said...

They are all so great, I really like the one with the little critters tucked into bed :)

Shirlwin said...

It is truly a privilege to be part of this wonderful project.

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