Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A project folder

   I generally keep my current project notes, printouts  and details in a folder, along with any book or magazine with info or layout details.  Today, I wasted time hunting for it....moving things and looking all over the place for it.   I did find it shoved under the next quilt to be quilted.  LOL!
   But the hunt gave me an idea.  Instead of a plastic folder, I could cover some stabilizer with leftover blocks/strips and make a folder pretty enough to enjoy.

 I used Pellon stiffener----the one used for making postcards and purses---as the base.  I measured, marked the size, adding extra length at the fold up for the inner pockets that I wanted.  
   Then I fused heat and Bond light to both sides.  To the inside of the folder, I fused plain bleached muslin.

  The outside was to be the fun part.   I had a section of leftover bargello strip that was just too narrow to do much with.  I cut two sections of the bargello for the outside of the cover and added extra batik strips on the ends and between the sections to cover it all.
   I did some straight stitching to hold the raw edges in place.

  All the outer edges were overcast with a zig-zag stitch.  The bottom portion was folded up and straight stitched in the center and on the sides.

  A finished folder for my favorite and current projects! I can stuff all my notes and ideas into it, leave it by the machine and enjoy it.

   I see lots of possibilities for a cover....leftover blocks, scraps and bits of favorite fabrics, even a small landscape.   A great waste not project.

  So what would you stuff into your folder?    Happy stitching.


  1. What a neat idea and a great way to use that leftover bargello piece.

  2. A great idea and very pretty. It would have taken me a week to make this. : )

  3. Great use for that left over piece, of course now it's going to blend with the quilts and you'll really be hunting, LOL.

  4. Your folder is wonderful and a great use of fun pieces of fabric you have created. Thank you for sharing your technique. Creative Bliss and June JOY...

  5. That's a great idea and very pretty. I'm organizing my sewing room and that's going to be first on the agenda today. Thanks.

  6. Love that idea! Certainly much nicer than covering folders with brown paper or wallpaper when I was a teenager for school!
    Think I would use this idea to hold my current project. I have about 9 loose leaf files, all covered to look pretty, 2 have crochet, 1 knitting, 2 patchwork, 1 Christmas, that kind of thing.

  7. What a great idea! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!


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