Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Finds June 26

There are some great charts for help in solving tension issues on a long arm....or  Tiara machine....all from Handi-Quilter.  All  of these are from the HQ Blog.
For common issues like skipped here

For tension here.

Steps for perfect tension......don't we dream of here.

  The info is good, basic, and a great reference to have on hand for anyone with a mid-arm/ long arm machine.

scrap quilt  Great layout for those crumb blocks.

  Perusing quilts, I almost skipped this one.  What caught my eye was  the layout.   Crumb blocks of different sizes achieve unity in this setting.  Big, small and in between work so well together here.  I enjoy the mindless stitching to make crumb blocks but then end up with so many this is one I want to remember.

  And that's it for this week.....I will probably take next week off as company will be here.   I just need a few cooler days to get some baking done before they arrive.  I just hate to heat up the house with the oven  when it is 98 degrees outside.  I know, it's summer, but this is ridiculous weather for June.
  Yikes, I just realized June is almost to get one more thing finished.  Happy stitching.


Dana Gaffney said...

Looking at that crumb quilt it makes me think that maybe they were all sewn into large pieces then cut into the size blocks she wanted, cool idea making your own crumb fabric if that's what she did.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

We haven't had any really hot days (thankfully) yet and nights have been cool enough your need a blanket (quilt) to sleep with. I haven't done any crumb blocks in years, but then my smallest of pieces go into piecework anyway.

Janet O. said...

We are having similar temps and I need to bake bread today. Yikes!
Those Handi-Quilter charts are very helpful.
The crumb quilt pattern is very fun. I, of course, see it in CW scraps with black sashing. : )

Chrysanthemum said...

Thanks for the helpful charts.....
I really enjoy connecting with you and your blogs. I like this quilt. It may be busy, but the sashing tones it down.

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