Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Finds June 5

Quilting Tip of the Day: Dawn dishwashing soap is great to wash your finished quilts. It's similar to Synthrapol, a detergent dyers use to keep fugitive dyes from redepositing on fabric. I use just a tablespoon or two per quilt so it doesn't foam up the machine. I also wash new fabric with it for the same reason. (Wash new fabric in HOT water.) Cheap and available everywhere.I know you have seen this, is sure worth sharing and repeating.
     Personal experience just this weekend.  My young nephew was helping  his big brother work on his boat and motor.  Young nephew was wearing brand new shorts....brand new that day.  You guessed grease on  one leg....all over the leg actually.  They came to Aunt Deb to solve the problem.  Well, the best de-greaser I know is Dawn.  I smeared it on, heavy, and let it sit about 20 minutes.  Then rub, rub, rub.....toss it in the wash.  Viola, new shorts saved and I am the hero.   And yes, I wash my quilts with it too!
  See this and more tips of the day at 42 Quilts.

Scrappy Summer Top
From Cluck Cluck Sew

   A free pattern  tutorial for a great summer time quilt.   This would be perfect in all scraps, and what a great picnic quilt.
 You can find it at Cluck Cluck Sew.

  Who  needs a 9 patch technique tutorial?   Apparently, I do.   This tutorial shows how to get 2   4 1/2"  9 patch blocks from 2  6" squares!   A clever sew, cut and re-sew technique that could consume some of those 6" squares I have stashed.   This is posted by Rachel Greco and you can find it here.  

 Size adjustments are possible with this technique, too.  Start with  7 1/2" squares to make 2 blocks at 6 ".

  As always, please visit the links to pin and save.
I'm going quiet for a couple of days......have some things that will not wait and need to be done.  Back next week and hope to share the storage photos then.  Crossing fingers.  Enjoy the weekend, and happy stitching.


Mary said...

I always enjoy your Friday Finds posts. Looking forward to your next posts. Have a productive quiet time.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Great post Debbie and I use Dawn on everything! Love it!

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