Monday, June 8, 2015

From Mrs. Claus

Those gals at Our Circle of Friends are still going strong making doll quilts.  They are such faithful supporters of this project......I love them all.


    Mrs. Claus of Maryland is JLu, who created this sweet set.  She included a pillow case for a pillow to go with the doll quilt.  What a wonderful idea!

  Along the top edge, she inserted a band of eyelet which she decorated with large pearls.  The set is so adorable and full of sweet dreams.
Thank you, Mrs. Claus,  you have made a child's dream come true!

Mrs. Claus of Pennsylvania has been quite busy.  Holee is also a member of the Our Circle of Friends and promised quilts to represent 3 states this year.  And on top of those, Holee decided to send 3 more just for Christmas!
   I really like what she did with 3 panel prints.....very cute and cheerful, and so very fun.  I am getting inspired by these.

As for Mrs. Claus' other 3.....she went over the top!  All three of these are dimensional!

You need to see her details and even the fabric she here are some close ups.

 For Puerto Rico, there is a dancing girl with a ruffled skirt and a flower in her hair.   The skirt is 2 different layers of ruffles that can be lifted up.   I like how the skirt extends in to border on the  side.   The flower applique in the hair is from the border fabric.  Very cute and such a fun design.

   This one immediately said summer days to me.    The "gone fishing" boy is holding a line to his dimensional fish.  He is for New Jersey.
I love the wild border fabric that repeats the fishing theme.  And the colors are bold and bright.  But that fish is the cutest thing ever......I found myself flipping up his tail and giggling.

And flying high is a balloon over Delaware.  Beautiful fluffy clouds and ribbon streamers to add some fun to this one.
  Holee, Mrs. Claus of PA, you are just a wonder with such creative doll quilts.  You made my day brighter to get to share them and I know some little girls will cherish them.

Thank you both so much.

I went looking for my tally sheet of doll quilts to update a report....and of course, the page has escaped and vanished in the stack by my computer.  I think I need as assistant to keep me straight!  Never fear, I will find it or start over and get an accurate count for next time.  I have had new Mrs. Claus inquiries and I so appreciate the help and interest.  Thank you, Mrs. Claus, where ever you live.
Happy stitching.  


Mary said...

What a gorgeous and creative assortment!

Nicki said...

Sweet, sweet quilts from friends of the "Get Your Ms Claus On project. I love seeing these as they are coming in to you.

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