Sunday, June 28, 2015

Re-purposed plate rack

    I had a very cluttered and messy note board by my stash closet.  Originally it had photos and note cards tucked into it.  Lately it was just layered with stuff!  I thought I would straighten it up.....yuck!  It was also a big dust catcher along the top edge. and the fabric cover was faded.    Time for it to go.....which left a bare spot.
   I debated on a couple of a hanging magazine bin. or a magnetic board.   I figured they would get stuffed and cluttered up also.  Instead, I looked for something that could be re-purposed that I had on hand.

  An unused plate rack just fit the space.   Sir Old Man used the 3M hooks to hang it for me.  He suggested I hang the tape measures on it, as I was always hunting for them.  Now they have a home to return to after use!
   I glued  ribbon to the end of a clothespin for holding favorite note cards.  A couple of "S" hooks can hold small project samples.
   Maybe I can keep this little set up neater now. It sure looks a lot better.
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  1. I love everything about this idea!

  2. So pretty and your can change it as the mood hits, I doubt you'll junk that up. A home for the tape measure is well worth it, mine is always "snaking" it's way behind my machine.

  3. What a clever "repurposing" effort!
    I have a peg in my sewing room for my measuring tapes, too. Has made a big difference in their locate-ability (that's a word, right?). : )

  4. Cute projects on your new little display!

  5. No one would know it's a repurposed project. Looks good to me.

  6. Thanks for the great idea! I need a place to hang sample blocks. I'm very visual, and I need the reminders smack-dab in front of me so projects don't go unfinished! I'm going to be on the lookout for something suitable now.


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