Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Re-thinking a thing or two

   When I am quiet, it is because I am thinking and pondering things.  It could be life events--yes-- or a design challenge, or project I am working on.  Lately, it has been a little of everything weighing me down.

    I have this.....stack of quilts in the living room.

  In the sun room, there is my quilt ladder that is loaded with a double layer of quilts.

   And a section in the guest closet with small quilts and wall hanging......seasonal items, table runners, and a few mini style items.

  In the guest bedroom, you find another stack of quilts.  There are a few quilts put aside for donations to charity causes.  All of these, plus those on the walls and beds and I have overload?

   Please don't laugh.....I do not know how many large quilts I have.  I am afraid I could not count that high.  I'm not interested in selling them either.   I am emotionally invested in most of them.

   Storage is what I seem to need.  Enter Sir Old Man that magical knight of the workshop.  Unknown to me, he had begun to repair a storage cabinet that has been in pieces for a few years.  We believe will work and solve this problem.   I will share details and photos of  this treasure soon.  Just know I am excited about the possible solution.

   All of this leads me to thinking about size.  I have been on the bandwagon for the last couple of years of large quilts.   8 to 10 a year is overboard.....way more than I can use or give away to friends and family.   I already have completed 3 this year....and one ready to quilt now.  So I am going smaller in size for this next project.

    On the design wall are 12 blocks (instead of the 42 planned) of the small size Carolina Chain pattern.  I have some tweaking and re-arranging of blocks to do yet, but I am only going to add a border and call it done.


A new Let's Book It project has been nagging at me too.  I went looking for a much smaller project that could give me a work out.  Selecting the fabric for a small bargello has begun.  The pattern is from the book Colorwash Bargello.  It requires 19 fabrics....and my challenge is narrowing down the field.  There is an unseen stack of at least 20 more fabrics that I pulled out to use.  Grin----that's the good thing----having a big stash.    At least I have a plan, let's wait and see how far along I get.

  June always flies by around here.  I need to sneak out and do a little birthday shopping for Sir Old Man.....remember the fuming tent for the bed?   He has already made his birthday purchases, but I want to tweak him a little bit and add some color to that  The bed---alas, poor me---is not finished.  That is the rub....the finish.  Sir Old Man is having a very trying time with the hand rubbed finish, and it looks like he will have to sand and start again.   So, we are waiting yet again for drying time, etc.  That is why he took to repairing the storage cabinet.   Things work out for the best.....I am not complaining.
Off to the sewing room....happy stitching.


Quilting Babcia said...

I'm still of opinion that you can't have too many quilts! But it does sound like you're a lot closer to the goal than am, lol! That storage cabinet sounds wonderful.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

A couple years ago I came to the same conclusion. Storage is a problem. I like a large assortment for when I do programs too but it is easier to take the lap or twin size quilts for that too. I have found that I like to gift the couch quilts rather than a bed quilt too. I don't want to decorate their bedroom, just give them one to enjoy wherever they are. That means we can make more quilts too because each won't take so much time.

Mary said...

I feel your pain, Debbie, and I also have started making smaller projects. Looking forward to seeing this new storage cabinet. Bummer about having to start over on the finishing of the new bed. You are so close to having it!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I only own 3 quilts - two I made and one gifted to me. I gift, sell, or donate everything else.

Jasmine said...

I have lots of quilts throughout the house as well. I'm looking forward to seeing your cabinet.

Lara B. said...

You are one very prolific, as well as talented quilter Debbie! It's really wonderful that your husband is making that cabinet - it will be a treasure store for sure. So far, I have only been able to keep one quilt and that was my first one, which I was too embarrassed to give away. But I have only been quilting for four years, so that will change with time.

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