Saturday, September 26, 2015

Braided star block...again

    I know I showed this block about two year ago when I experimented with it.   It has been hanging around in the orphan block bin since then.   I thought a few more blocks would be a good project....just make enough or a banner, or table runner.    For the post on the tutorial for construction, click here.

One section done.  Notice the newly finished ironing station cover!

  I was working on the star sections when Sir Old Man brought up the plywood top ready to cover and put into place for the ironing station.  Since he was itching to get this project scratched off his to do list,  I put the pieces aside.   Out came the batting scraps....enough to make 3 layers.  Then we pulled out the fabric I had intended to use to cover it all.  Guess was too short!  Rather than create another UFO, he insisted we go find some fabric and get it done.
  Off we went in the pouring rain to the J store.....Traffic was awful, so I am glad he was driving.  I thought I would just zip in and pick up some cotton ticking as a cover for a nice old fashion look.    The clerk looked at me rather blankly when I asked for cotton I that old and out of date?   Luckily, we found some home-dec fabric on sale that I liked.  And we happened upon some furniture glides that Sir Old Man wanted.  Thanks to the helpful and tech savvy cashier, who knew how to enlarge the coupons on the latest email, we saved $16.  Guess the trip was worth it.
   So back home and staple gun in hand, he made quick work  of finishing this off.   And I got to do the inaugural press on the braided star sections.

Back to the block.....another section trimmed and ready to add the corners.

  It feels good to be using some floral prints again.  Happy stitching.


  1. I need to recover my ironing board too. Your new cover looks terrific. Maybe I should consider a print for mine.

  2. Love your new ironing station! I don't think I could live without mine now that I've had it a while. Looking forward to seeing the braided star blocks put together. ~Jeanne

  3. What a sweet guy your hubby is! The new cover looks great.

  4. Great project - and done on a sale/coupon even better. I have to take note of these braided stars - no florals like you, but I have plenty of solids that are itching for a play date.

  5. It is a pretty block.
    Really like your nice pressing station! : )

  6. Thanks for sharing the braided star process. I look forward to trying one or more.
    Love your new pressing station surface.

  7. Beautiful blocks, I'm glad you're working with florals again also :). I like the fabric you picked, much better than ticking.


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