Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 quilts

  It was the year of floral themed quilts....big and small projects.   Even though I felt like I slowed down, it appears to have been a busy, and successful year of projects.

   I experimented with traditional designs using floral fabrics----in hopes of reducing my stash.  But we all know that the more you use, the more scraps you make.  So that meant some smaller projects, too.  

    Watercolor wall hangings , butterfly wings quilt made of string pieces, a table runner, sewing machine cover,  a few table top quilt projects, and don't forget the mug rugs!   It is these small projects that bring instant gratification to keep me going when I get bogged down with a large project.    
   There were also a couple of scrap quilts from the scrap bin thrown in and 2 of these were donation quilts.  

   Looking back I see that the Let's Book It  challenge at Vrooman's Quilts----thank you, Sharon-----was the biggest motivating factor for this year.  Each month we were encouraged to start a project from our accumulated wish list of projects.....from books, magazines, or on line source.   Each one of the large quilts were inspired by this challenge.  I am so glad I joined in, even if it took a few months to complete them.  It was worth the effort!  So I am glad to say it will continue again next year.   I hope you will consider joining in and making a few things from your someday wish list.  

  My favorite quilt from 2015?    I can easily name it.....Plume Crazy.  (Here's the link to its story. )
  I began it as a scrap project for the Let's Book It in the summer.   I was taking my time and having fun with it.  Then I got the idea for adding plume shapes to the border.   A few days into the border,  I heard from a friend that she had uterine cancer.....and she was scared to death.  Immediately,  I knew this quilt would be her comfort quilt.  
  I cut plumes, sewed,  and prayed.  Plume Crazy went to the hospital with her, and covered her well through recovery at home.  I received hugs, and thanks, and a card.   And on Christmas Eve, another card came expressing how much the quilt meant to her.  She said she made a donation in honor of it to the Woman's Cancer Fund.  It was absolutely the best gift to know that a quilt given would inspire another gift to help others.   There's nothing better than that.

     And the year would not be complete without a mention of Sir Old Man's was a big year in the workshop.  Revived park benches, a small wood walk for the back garden, restored 18th century cabinet for quilt storage, wood clappers, a small chest, and that big, beautiful, wonderful cherry bed!  It was a most successful year.   He gave me a hint for the next project......a small cabinet to go by the sewing machine!  Giggles, and grin from me......he is adapting a design found in a magazine.  Sounds like  Let's Book It project  has even touched the woodworking shop.   See how our influence spreads?
    I need to spend a little time on next year's plans.  Till next time....happy stitching.  


Nicki said...

You and your Sir Old Man began & ended 2015 with fabulous projects. What a team!!! Your blog always lifts my spirits & encourages me. The love & help you have given to others throughout the year has not gone unnoticed. Happy New Year to you & your family. I look forward to see what 2016 brings through your blog.

Béa said...

I love all what you've made, happy New Year 2016 XXX

Mary said...

You had a very good year, indeed! Your enjoyment of your craft shows in your posts and project results. I so enjoy seeing what you come up with.

Jasmine said...

I have loved seeing your projects this year, and look forward to seeing your creations in 2016!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

You had a very productive year and all of that new wood around you has to make you smile. You are a great couple!!

Dana Gaffney said...

Wow, they're all beautiful! I'm so glad you included Sir Old Man's creations, his are just as beautiful and the two of you compliment each other.

Robby H. said...

Your Plume Crazy was definitely one of my favorite quilts I've seen around the web the last several months that I've been back looking at quilting things. So glad to hear your friend found it so comforting and inspiring. Look forward to seeing what 2016 brings from your creative place.

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