Friday, October 16, 2015

Plume crazy!

A simple setting of scrap pieces got a little dressing with a lot of plume shapes and turned in to Plume Crazy!  

A few weeks ago I shared the progress on this leader/ender project as it became a Let's Book It     I knew this needed a border but was quite undecided as to what to do.  So I added a darker frame to anchor the center and ended with a very wide off white border.  It was almost boring at this point.

That is when I added a few plumes to the border and  asked "Is this working"  in this post.    

I received  many comments and ideas, which were greatly appreciated.  Just having another/many sets of eyes on the design pulled it together.

  For the quilting, I used a large meander thru the center....on Dana's  of Stormy Days  suggestion.    The plumes were outlined and some stacked teardrops added to the border before I got to some feathers.

Binding.....I followed the instructions and tutorial from Missouri Star to make a scrappy flange/faux piped binding.    It worked great....I only had a problem in one corner.  It just gave me fits for some reason, but I finally made it behave properly.  The flange is very narrow, but just enough to stitch down on the front of the quilt and give a piped look to the edge.

  The plume shapes.....each one was fused, and stitched down with a zig-zag stitch.  Over 100 of these things....I was plume crazy for sure.  But I love the whimsical effect that they made along the border.

  They may have made me crazy, but I have a feeling I will use this idea again!

And I am glad I got good input from Jasmine at Quilt Kisses and Janet  at Rogue Quilter about the layout.  Thanks!  The asymmetrical  layout was just what I wanted.  Placing plume vines in the opposite corners was much better than all the way around.  That would have been too much.

  Note the "new bench".....Sir Old Man worked his magic on a broken down and worn out park bench that was in pieces. New paint for the ends and supports brought it back to life.  He used cypress for the seat slats with an oil stain.  Each slat had to be "shaved and shaped" for its position.  A beautiful work of restoration, wouldn't you say?

  Plume Crazy just needs a quick wash and fluff before being given to a friend who is facing surgery.  She made sure we were fed when I broke my shoulder, and I want her wrapped in comfort  for the next few months.

   I felt the deadline to get this one finished, but I am almost sorry to see it end.  The creative design  process was motivating and gave me a boost.  Taking the basic pattern and adding elements I love was very satisfying.  It lifted me up even if I went a little crazy with those plumes.  Taking a chance made all the difference in this one for me.

Time for some slicing and dicing....cutting up fabric that is.  A new project or two taking shape because there are more people to cover.  Happy stitching.


  1. It's beautiful! She's going to love it and feel the caring every time she wraps herself up. It's wonderful that getting creative caused more creativity, keep going girl, you're on a roll.

  2. This turned out beautifully. I'm sure your friend will be very appreciative
    of the time and talent you put in this quilt for her showing your friendship
    Enjoy today.

  3. Plume Crazy is gorgeous! I love that some of the plumes cross into the border. Your quilting is also fantastic. Your friend will feel your hugs and caring whenever she sees and/or uses it. I haven't tried the MSQC flange yet - it's on my to do list. Your's looks great. ~Jeanne

  4. It is gorgeous. I am sure she will love it.

  5. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift for your friend. I hope her surgery goes well.

  6. It is just Beautiful! A lovely mix of techniques. Your friend is going to love it and best wishes in her recovery.

  7. This quilt has turned out so beautifully - I love it. And so will your friend when you give it to her, to make her feel better.

  8. It really is gorgeous. And I love the asymmetrical layout. What a beautiful gift of comfort.

  9. Lovely, lovely finish, Debbie. Must be very satisfying, and I can understand that it is a little hard to see it end. You have made a treasure for your friend!!

  10. Very very beautiful, I love !

  11. I understand the pictures in tuto but please Debbie, what are the size of the two strips please for faux piped binding (my english is better when writed...) thanks

  12. It turned out absolutely beautiful!

  13. Debbie, what a beautiful 'Thank You' gift for your neighbor, who, I'm sure will be so happy to receive your beautiful quilt. Being the eldest people in our small subdivision, we have been blessed with several very helpful neighbors, who help us out with tasks we can no longer do. So during the summer, I provide them with tomatoes and cucumbers, and fall and winter months, I make extra soup to give them, along with baked goods at Christmas. We have been married for 60 years, so you have some idea as to our ages. Acts of kindness are never forgotten!

  14. Your plumes are beautiful on the quilt & I know your neighbor will be so thrilled to receive this gift. What a treasure it is for her. The bench is fantastic & is a great feature for displaying the quilt. Talent just oozes from you two & your hobbies compliment each other. I love seeing what you two do. Thanks for sharing your work with us.

  15. This is such a beauty! Teardrops are so pretty in corners.
    What a wonderful gift you gave to your friend.
    Happy New Year 2016!


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