Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Finds---of a sort

   After my post on no-reply bloggers, the general consensus was in agreement. ....most of those comments/questions are ending up in the trash can.    And then Miss Pat referred me to a link at Vrooman's Quilts that took me here to Jane's Fabrics.     She offers a good step by step talk on how to set your settings.
Update:    Dana shared this link for the google + users.  It's at Sew Many Ways.
Thanks, Dana.

  I had more requests for info from "no-replyers" on one of the more popular posts on this rail fence variation.  Apparently, it was shared on facebook.
  Below is the finished quilt.  I gave no details on the fabric required because it was a scrap quilt.  But a fair estimate for a small throw size is 1 yard of solid for the plain rails and outer border, and 2-3 yards of scraps for the mixture of squares.

   Also you will need about 1/4 yard for the inner border strip.
  If you plan a consistent layout for the mixed squares, I would think about 1/2 yard of each of the six would be plenty.   For a larger size, like a queen quilt, I would probably triple the amounts on everything!

Something new.......Maureen at Mystic Quilter is jumping in to join the SAL for the Gypsy Wife quilt.    It's a very unique quilt with a variety of blocks in a modern setting.     I will be watching....and debating if I can do an adaptation in the future.   I did set up a new Pinterest board for the GW quilts I find.   Right now, I am enjoying the slower pace I have going.


  1. I think people that are Google + are still going to have a problem, it looks like Jane's tute is for blogger. I did a post about no reply back in 2012, gosh this problem has been around a long time and included a link for the Google + problem

    Hopefully it's still relevant.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Google+ is another set up as well as webmaster. And sometimes Iphone and tablets don't work either. There are so many forms and IOs - it really is up to the user to find out themselves. On the other hand - I do love that Rail Variation and may use that to tame my 2" barrel. It will mean making more blocks, but I have a LOT of little squares.

  4. I really like this rail fence variation.
    I have just barely seen someone post about the GW SAL. Hadn't heard of it before then. Some really colorful blocks going into that one. : )

  5. Great idea of yours to post the link re noreply-comment bloggers. Thanks for mention of my Gypsy Wife and the link to all details. Should be some good pics coming along there, as I'm not on Instagram I just join the link-up each month.

  6. I love scrap quilts and your fence rail quilt turned out quite nice! Enjoy your new quilt project.


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