Monday, February 1, 2016

January finishes

  January brought some finishes.  The orange peel project named Season's Glow  was added to my list of favorites.  A strippy string project came together with different widths.  Word of the year...Enjoy!    The pineapple, Welcome,  was my Let's Book It project and is perfect in the guest room.  And those addictive  circles filled one side of the design wall.    I will be digging in the green scraps this week to see what I can find.

  I also started a project  last month that I
shared.....and am just not happy with it.   I took the time to make another 2 blocks and realized it was not coming together.   Those strip stacks are not what I envisioned.
   As I was studying the blocks, my word for the year was staring me in the face.  That helped make my decision.....either toss or do something else with it.  I think I will turn  the blocks into a table runner and   move on.

So I need a new project to pursue, and a new Let's Book It project.  I have one of my tops to quilt and 2 for Habitat that are waiting for quilting too.    That will take care of the month.  I  am off to look for some inspiration.....happy stitching.  


  1. You're so right. Quilting is a craft we should enjoy, so it's perfectly okay to quit a project that doesn't bring us joy. You had a productive month, by the way.

  2. You had a productive January, and I think you are wise to cut your losses on a project you don't like.

  3. I love your peel quilt and your mosaic of monthly projects shows you enjoy color and value. I agree, if a project isn't working scrap it.

  4. I love the orange peel quilt. Your layout is great.

    I have ditched a few projects too that I thought would work with colorwash but they just didn't thrill me enough to go on with them.

  5. I'm still loving that orange peel, it's gorgeous. Good for you to scrap that project, I think too often we get hung up on making it right and waste time and fabric.


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