Sunday, February 28, 2016

Report on those circles

  The end of February is day 91!  Even more surprising is I am current and caught up.    There was a mixed bunch of circles for this month...from buttons to Betty Boop!   I really like the no pressure--haha!--of only doing a circle each day.
    So before I show you the mixed mass of squares, here are my reasons and things I have realized from this sew along.

  • It is easy to catch up if I miss a day......or not, it is my choice. 
  • Interesting subject matters to portray add to the fun factor....a little off beat or quirky fabric adds personality.
  • Finding pleasing combinations of background fabric for the circles gives me reason to search around in the find some hidden treasure.  
  •  Thread play....contrast or matching....I have lots to choose from and use up!
  • I like mixing in fabrics I love, finding fabrics that evoke a memory, or throwing in a fabric that just needs a home.
  • Finally, no one has to like this one, but me!
So here are this month's circles.

A lot more floral fabrics this month, and some geometric patterns, as well as tone on tone patterns.  

To celebrate Day 91......I decided to throw the entire batch up on the design wall.

  There is no rhyme or reason to the arrangement.  I just wanted to see them together.  I was afraid I had too many of the dark backgrounds in my mess.....but I really like them as they add a big visual interest at first glance.  This is going to provide hours of design play time at the end......if I get there :)  I really think I will end up with 2 smaller will just be floral fabrics probably.  

Are you making circles?  Details on Quilty 365 at Quilty Folk blog.  
Happy stitching.  


  1. How fun to see them all together - love the mix. I had some of that button fabric - just used the last bit up in those brown 9-patches. And I see some other bits that are in my barrels - how cool.

  2. It promises to be interesting and beautiful so reckon most of us will like it, as well as you!
    It's looking great!!

  3. I've been waiting to see someone display all of their circles so far. Thanks for the display!

  4. I like the mix in the circles and background fabrics, the fussy cut circles really pop out. It will be interesting to see the finish or finishes you come up with.

  5. Your mixed bag of backgrounds is really effective, especially with all the florals and soft prints in your circles. This is so you!

  6. Wonderful! They're looking great!

  7. You have some of the coolest circles I've seen. Really like the effect of different size circles and the variety of backgrounds.

  8. You do have some great circles here - individually and collectively, for all the reasons you've listed! It really is nice to be making something that no one else needs to like!

  9. These are all AWESOME! I love them together like this. :)

  10. Such an interesting mix of fabrics! And you're so right. No one has to like our circles but us.:)

  11. How fun! I see we both used the same (well-aged!) button fabric this month!

  12. They look amazing all together! What a fun project.

  13. Wow, fantastic; It looks busy, and I love it!!

  14. I especially love your Betty Boop circle ! So interesting to see you mixed different fabric styles and that works well !


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