Thursday, February 18, 2016

Two for Habitat means free space

  I finished up the second quilt for guild for the Habitat quilt project.  We support our local Homes for Habitat organization by providing a quilt for each member of the family moving into their new home.  It's a very big undertaking for us, as we usually donate 60 to 75 quilts each year.  Fortunately, we have willing members and lots of support for this.   Both quilts  were pieced by members and I did the quilting and binding.  Many hands make the work lighter.

So Habitat gets 2 quilts and I get a little free space in the sewing room.  While cleaning up, I noticed a couple of things I had set aside.

  Last year sometime, I began a Let's Book It project that I did not like and got tired of working on.  Instead of trashing the dozen blocks, I cut them up and put them together as a long runner.  Looking at it now, I think I have a different idea on how to finish this up into a quilt.  I just need to decide on the fabric to finish it off.    I like to have one or two small throws on hand to give away if needed and this will fit the bill.

  Second discovery.....a water color that needs to be sewn.  How did that happen?  I am not sure why I did not finish this or when I put it together.  Has life been that crazy?    I will move this one to the top of the list and get it sewn up.

  I have a stack of fabrics to cut for bow tie blocks, another pile for circles and backgrounds, plus a bin of scraps by my chair.  Sir Old Man asked if I was running out of space in the sewing  I tried to explain my system, but his eyes glazed over, so I shut up.
   I did discover why all the "man glitter"--sawdust---is turning up around here.  He has begun a new project that will go in the sewing room.  It seems he thinks I need a side table by my machine to hold all my necessary stuff.  I am afraid it will be too beautiful to use!  Lucky me :)    Happy stitching.


  1. Sir Old Man is clearly a Keeper, bless his heart : )
    I love, love, love your water colour quilts, romantically beautiful and lush summery colour. Bliss

  2. You are making so much progress on multiple fronts! The water color is beautiful.

  3. Kudos to your guild. I'm a strong believer in helping others and donating quilts is a great way! Sir Old Man is certainly nice to have around! ~Jeanne

  4. Those are great quilts for Habitat. They will not only warm the body but also warm the heart. It's nice to have a couple of finished projects for "just in case" times that pop up. Space, space...who doesn't need more space in their sewing room? A hobbyist (be it a quilter or woodworker) always has to have something going on. Sounds like you are going to be the lucky receipient (sp) of his latest project...LUCKY YOU!

  5. That is a wonderful project your guild is undertaking. I'm sure those new homeowners feel very blessed. We don't have a local Habitat group but there is an active SPCA chapter building a huge new countywide shelter. A good place for those Fmq practice sandwiches after they've been bound. Another outstanding watercolor quilt in the making.

  6. Good job on the Habitat quilts! Worthy cause!!
    The runner (possibly lap quilt) blocks are pretty. I am interested to see what you do with them.
    Another beautiful water color! Yes, how does something like that get put aside and forgotten? I don't know, either, but it happens to me all the time, too. : )
    Oh, I'm sure the table will be gorgeous--and you will use it because it will mean so much to your hubby. He saw a need and met it. Can he help it if his work is so amazing you hate to run the risk of scratching it? *LOL*

  7. Lovely quilts for Habitat. Always a plus when 'room making' is due to finishes. And finding some hidden treasures is a plus.

  8. I guess anytime Sew Old Man asked about space in the sewing room, or anywhere for that matter, the answer is yes, I'm running out of space, then he'll happily make you something lovely for storage. How could you put aside and forget anything as gorgeous as that watercolor? I guess life is that crazy.

  9. I think the runner you have there is tremendous, I could see a quilt made up of many strips!


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