Monday, March 7, 2016

Bow Ties on design wall

  Along with making circles, I have been putting together bow tie blocks.  One or two each day........They are taking over the design wall.  I am up to 50----6 '' blocks.
Don't worry, I know some are turned the wrong way....I will play with them when I finish another dozen or so.


   I took the same photo and turned it into black and white for  value comparison.  If I end up doing a true color wash effect, you can instantly see which blocks need to be switched around or moved.
  This little trick is helpful to remember for even a scrap quilt.  Do you want to concentrate the values, or spread them out?  The color can confuse the eye....but black and white won't lie.

   I had a question over the weekend from someone working with charm packs.  Her design was looking flat and had ''no life in it''.  From the photo I could tell she lacked dark values to show up the light and medium values.   To me, that is the biggest problem with charm packs, etc.......most of the values are medium and light with maybe one dark.  Even a 4 patch or 9 patch design benefits from a good dose of dark to make the lighter fabrics shine.
   I'm quilting on the Let's Book It re-make......almost to the edge, so I need to dig out bindings soon.    Tomorrow is clean up the sewing room day and put fabric back in the closet.  It looks like a tornado when through it after a cutting session for the bow ties!  Wish I could live in the chaos but not possible.  
Happy stitching.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

LOVE!! I am seeing bow ties here and there and may just have to play with this wonderful traditional block in the future.

Janet O. said...

So smart to use the black and white photo to check value.

Dana Gaffney said...

I've never done bow ties but now I'm fascinated with that circle showing up in yours, I think I need to play with them now.

Gene Black said...

I really like the bowtie circle that breaks up the pattern and gives a focal point.
I agree about charm packs (and other precuts) I have never understood why fabric companies - who are making fabric for quilters - don't get that we need an even distribution of values to make quilts that look great.

Mary said...

Your bow ties are looking great. I find making them very soothing.

Barbara said...

It looks so pretty!

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