Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Finds Triangles for March

  I learn best by doing.  I may see something I like and remember it.  To store it in memory, actually doing it is best for me.

  So when I saw this quilting tutorial by Jenny Dorn at Missouri Star Quilts on Wonky Stars  , I needed to try her technique.
  Of course, it works, is easy, and uses up some scraps and bits.  This one uses 2 1/2'' squares or jelly roll parts with a plain background.  If you follow Bonnie Hunter, you might see it as a Maverick Star with a plain background.  Either way, it's a fun block and you can ignore matching points for a change.  Great for a whole quilt--increase the size even--- or a cute border idea.

quilt pattern:
From Creative Chicks
  Then I saw this fun/ funky triangle quilt at Creative Chicks  .   In this colorwash style quilt,  the triangle corners are all sizes---large, small, fat and skinny.  All the blocks used were trimmed to 4 1/2''  before joining.  So its a great idea for all those odd ball corner triangles we create.....the sizes don't have to match.  I know I have a bin of them somewhere.  I am too cheap to toss them out since the price of fabric is so high.  And if 4 of these are turned and twisted.....a friendship star could be made.

8487157718 B2a946220e O  I enjoyed and had a good laugh when I saw this quilt tutorial.  She calls it the Conversation Quilt.  I love it.....And it uses more of those small triangles to complete the improvisational piecing of the conversation bubble.  Too cute as it gives me ideas for a "he said, she said" version!  One conversation bubble a day for a month and you could make a quilt.....just saying :)

As always, please visit the original sites for pinning.
Enjoy the finds and happy stitching.


Dana Gaffney said...

I really love that little wonky star, especially since I'm starting a scrap star quilt today. I save all of my odd triangles too, that triangle quilt could be a great answer to them sewn like a snowball, now I need to play.

Elizabeth V Kelbaugh said...

I also LOVE little wonky (maverick) stars and thanks for sharing ideas for the funky triangles. Tula Pink also has a similar fun quilt design called "Shattered Glass" she showed on an episode of "Sewing with Nancy". You can check it out here:
I see more playtime coming.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

I can see the wonky star making a really interesting quilt

Robby said...

What a great roundup of ideas! And I'm with you, there are certainly things I remember best by doing, or at least puzzling out for myself instead of reading about it.

Janet O. said...

Oh, I wish I could do wonky! Some really fun ideas here, Debbie. I know I am far too rigid and something wonky would be good for me. Just don't know how well I can set aside the precision that has been ingrained in me since I watched my Mom make her first quilt (Log Cabin, made with scissors and cardboard templates). I think the exactness of piecing was one of the things that appealed to me about quilting. Maybe I should try a wonky mini sometime, like dipping my toe in the wonky water. : )

Mystic Quilter said...

I think I may be sewing wonky stars when I have a an hour spare - lots of jelly rolls to choose from! Thanks for the link.

liniecat said...

I am going to try some wonky stars at some stage, I do like wonky effects and generally manage wonky very well lol But I have just mastered sqaaures that meet where they should and almost feel I should trumpet to the world about tht small success! So will continue with nine patches a while longer, to be sure its not been a fluke!
Watching vid clips like the Missouri Star series are so helpful for learn as you go folks like me and mean you can play about and gain confidence bit by bit.
The conversation quilt made me smile!
How soon before theres a Facebook quilt with Like buttons and Share sections on it too lol

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