Sunday, March 27, 2016

Let's Book it....March

  This Let's Book It project began in December took me forever to find the original post.    After I got about this far, I stopped.  It hung on the design wall taking up space.  I hated it.  Eventually, I moved on to other projects that suited me.  These blocks were tossed into the scrap bin.

  A couple of months ago, I ran across them again.  In my desire to clean up and clear out, I hacked them down---getting rid of that awful border.  I decided to sew them together in one long row and maybe do a runner.  I got the long runner/banner strung together in February, but ended up doing a much smaller project for Let's Book It.   Once again, I  moved it and just hung this section on the closet door.

   When I was going through my boards on Pinterest for items for a Friday finds post last month, I found inspiration on how to finish this off.  I really wanted to do a small lap quilt rather than a runner.   I like having a couple of small lap quilts on hand to gift when I see a need, and this would fit the bill.

  I had some yardage in the stash closet that i simply added to each side to create an offset layout.  Fast and easy to do.  Plenty of quilting space created....I needed some practice.

   March arrived and I was way ahead of the game on this.  I showed the "new" to me quilting design called  Fern Twist.  That's it just to the right of the string section.  Then I added rows of swirls, threw in some feathered swirls, did some wavy lines through the strings....and so on.

   On the narrow side, I added a long band of feathers and added some stacked teardrops and meandering.  Whoever gets this one will have a time figuring out the different motifs and wondering "what was she thinking".

Bindings added were whatever was in the binding box.

  Strings II Redo completed.
Size is 40'' by  50''.

And another Let's Book It ---details at Vroomans Quilts----begun, tossed and redesigned to completion.

  Insight:  Don't waste those extra blocks, even if you hate them.  A simple setting can turn them into a useful quilt.

  I feel good with this redo......using blocks, using extra binding.....all for a cute quilt.  Consider joining us for a Let's Book It project to use up some stash/scraps.
Enjoy and happy stitching.


  1. You had fun with the quilting on this one and it turned out beautifully.

  2. A great way to use up some orphan blocks. The blue really makes the blocks bloom! Always nice when you get a finish and some stitching practice too.

  3. Well done. Turning disappointment into a colorful and beautifully quilted piece while working on your quilting skills.

  4. It is very pretty, Debbie. I would never have thought to do that, but the results are incredible!

  5. Great idea and perfect for fun quilting. Love it!

  6. What a nice save and what were you thinking when you put that border on those blocks? LOL. The quilting is gorgeous, whoever gets it will be thinking how beautiful it is.

  7. I think it turned out quite pleasant like the binding too. This could be used for any one any age.

  8. What a great quilt! Wonderful save of those blocks and the quilting just brings it to it's full beauty.

  9. This quilt is just terrific, I am a total fan of this quilt.

  10. It is beautiful, and the quilting looks like fun. I hope you were thinking about enjoying the process.

  11. A newbie machine quilter would love this for the inspiration! A great way to use up a few scrap blocks.

  12. It's nice to see someone else with a "long term" Let's Book It project. Your final project turned out beautifully! Sometimes blocks have to sit a bit before you find the inspiration to finally do something with them. You definitely found the right "home" for those string blocks.

  13. Those blocks just needed to marinate sufficiently! It did turn out super cute and I love the quilting too.


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