Tuesday, March 29, 2016

More circles

  The March family of circles.....almost.  I missed a day somewhere in my count.  I am at Day 121.  A couple of stories from the circles.......

  I picked the fan fabric to remind me of the week of heat that arrived the first of March.  I was afraid summer had moved in to stay.

  See those safety pins?  They are not for diapers, but for pinning quilts.  Sir Old Man was helping me pin a quilt one day.......he likes to be helpful that way.  When we finished, he politely told me it was time to stop by the store and pick up some new pins.  I was puzzled and said that no, I had enough.  He replied, " Yes, but they are all bent."   I got a good giggle over that.  So this circle makes me smile.
  The split circle is for Pi Day.  I couldn't find pie fabric in the stash, so I just winged this one.   The large butterfly.....the first day of Spring!

  A circle from some regional fabric I picked up on our trip to Alaska a few years ago.   The trip was a pilgrimage to  visit  part of Alaska where Sir Old Man grew up.   A week was not enough to cover it all, but we did visit a couple of places he lived and remembered.  I was glad to actually see in person this beautiful state after hearing all his family stories.

   Simple field of daisies was selected for the anniversary day this month.  My wedding bouquet was white daisies and yellow rose buds.  What else would you chose in 1975....lol.
I still love daisies.

    Swap anyone?
 I discovered I had cut some duplicate squares for circles in my stack.  I am trying not to repeat fabrics, but after 5 months I probably have.  I am using a 4 1/2'' background square.  These squares for the circles are 4'' cuts.  They are available for trade.
   If you are making circles and would like to swap a couple of squares with me, leave a comment and I will get back to you to trade.

   That's the wrap for March......I am going to have to dig deeper to keep this going.  Linking to Quiltyfolk blog for Quilty 365.
Happy stitching.  


  1. Wonderful how a little piece of fabric can bring back so many happy/funny memories. I'm always happy to trade. Let me know if you see anything in particular that you would like! I should have my latest batch posted in the next day or so, but there are extra pieces of most of the other fabrics too.

  2. I love seeing everyone's circle projects. I am using a very different background and smaller circles as I go thru fabric for projects - I hope not to repeat, also.

  3. So pretty, I particularly like the daisies, of course that was my wedding bouquet too :)

  4. Love the safety pin fabric and the moose is a treat!

  5. These are so pretty - the butterfly and the safety pins are my favorites, and the daisies. Love hearing the stories behind them too. I'd better get my March circles done too.

  6. Lovely circles with nice stories! You have many wonderful fabrics.

  7. Aaaw, the daisy fabric has to be the best - what a wonderful reminder of what must have been a great day!

  8. Great to hear some of the stories behind your quilt.:)

  9. What fun fabrics in your circles...and loved hearing your stories! Your circle for Pi Day cracked me up!

  10. Lovely circles ! I loved reading about the memories attached to your fabrics.

  11. Some lovely memories attached to your circles. I'm having fun matching my backgrounds and circles. Am cutting duplicate and may repeat even more. Time will tell. Not repeating circles unless different colour ways.

  12. A beautiful combination of colors ! Wonderful pictures !


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