Monday, March 21, 2016

Some not so perfect quilting

 After a whirlwind couple of days....including a quick cookout, I needed some sewing time to unwind.

   I got a couple of hours free over the weekend to do some quilting.   I had pieced the small batik table runner, so it got my attention.  Through the center I quilted a free form flower--center and petals---and a trail of leaves to join them.

  This is the backside of white and it shows better.   Note that not each flower is the same size.....and not every petal is perfect.  Even in the flower garden, imperfect petals are the norm around here!  I mostly hit the mark on them and that is exactly how it grows in the garden.

    Back to the front side.  I debated on just a stipple in the light areas.......but some feathers won out.  Each area of light is quilted just a bit differently, too.  Some feathers curve, others are sort of wavy, and the last two curl around.  It is hard to break with the habitual free motion "hand" that you develop, I think.

   This pattern is from Connie at Freemotion by the River.  I was working with leftover parts and had to reduce the width about an inch.  That is when I realized that the pattern is quite similar to  the "Soul Seaching" block.    Using scraps I could easily turn a section into a block using a mix of scraps in a single color.  I may add that to my plan for later this year.
  Life returns to a sort of normal routine this week, and I have lots to bits to clean up.  Happy stitching.


  1. The flower motif is really pretty, the notch in the petals makes me think of dogwood. If I could feather as beautifully as you do everything I quilt would have feathers on it. :)

  2. Quite honestly...I think your quilting is perfect. I love the slowers being a variety of sizes. :)

  3. Each unique petal on the flowers and the various curves of the feathers mark this as being created by a person rather than a computerized machine programmed to do each segment exactly the same. And, isn't that what we strive for, to make each creation uniquely ours?! The flower motif is perfect for a spring runner, reminds me of dogwood blossoms which I love but don't see too many of around here. Our altitude and cold winters must have something to do with that.

  4. This is really pretty work. You did a great job.

  5. Beautiful quilting, Debbie.
    We are not machines, we only operate them. It is our unique, so-called "imperfections" that give our quilting our signature style. Your quilting always inspires me!

  6. I love those flowers on your runner. I immediately thought of Dogwoods also when I saw them. Beautiful table runner!

  7. Well it's unanimous, we all like the flowers and I agree with Nicki, they remind me of Dogwood blossoms too. I like the simple runner pattern, the colors are beautiful together and not overbearing allowing the quilting to stand out.

  8. Beautiful quilting and I always love seeing your feathers!

  9. Thank you for sharing this; flowers and leaves seem to be my choice for quilting (probably because they AREN'T perfect?!?) and I'm always looking for variations. This is a keeper! Hope you're doing well!


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