Thursday, March 24, 2016

Table runner done!

All it needed was the binding, so this was an easy finish yesterday.  I used mixed scraps from the batik bin to match the colors in this one.

  A close up of some of the feathers.

The opposite side with more feathers......and a single "dogwood" style blossom in the center.

  My cell phone doesn't take the best photos but I have a little Canon camera now to play with.  A new menu and function selection to learn.......something about that says "teaching an old dog new tricks".   LOL :)

  Success is finishing a project, crossing it off the list,  and moving on.  That's my plan and I am sticking/stitching to it.  After I make a run to the market, that is.
Happy stitching.


Nicki said...

Such a beautiful finish. I love Dogwoods! We don't have any here but use to own some land north of here & the Dogwoods on the property were so refreshing to see in the spring. Good luck with your new camera. I am totally NOT a techie & don't like big changes. Sounds like you have a big change facing you. LOL

Janet O. said...

Turned out very pretty. I love the cool batiks, and, as always, your lovely feathers take it up a few notches!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Lovely mix of motifs to make this simple table runner a piece of art.

Dana Gaffney said...

It turned out so pretty, the quilting really is the perfect finishing touch. I'm glad you have a new camera, we need to see everything you're doing (well maybe not everything)

Elizabeth V Kelbaugh said...


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