Saturday, April 30, 2016

Ending the month with circles

I am ending the month with circles....and jumping up and down for hitting the 6th month point for me with 150 circles done.

I missed a few goals this month that I had set....I never got the Let's Book It project started, so next month I will try for a smaller project, I hope.
I taught classes the a the LQS.
 I have things prepared for the watercolor workshop---which is full!--- and lecture at guild.
I did not get to the Habitat still needs to be pinned for quilting.
The Bow Ties got assembled and I have a plan for the promises that that will happen soon.  But a plan sure helps:)
Circles I did make----Yoda speak for doing those round things.  If you are not participating in the Quilty 365 challenge, indulge us who can't get enough of them.  You can find details and view other quilters circles at Quiltyfolk blog.

  After being gone for a week, I had some catching up to do.    I have a stack of precut background squares, and a stack of fabrics for making the circles, all set aside.  So it is a matter of sewing round and round, turning them inside out and pressing onto the background.  Then to chose threads of many colors....some blend and some accent.....colorful threads make it fun.   So the above photo is  all the circles for the month of April....some I showed earlier in the month.

I ended the month with swirling thoughts---see the one on the right----and some hope in the form of a cardinal of fabric from  Wanda at Exuberant Color.  

And I have an idea for a layout for some of the circles from the first 6 months......I need to do a little playing  around with things on the design wall before I share it.  It could be fun, or a total flop......either way, I will share it.

Finally, the plumes.....
   I have a few last ones to stitch down before this runner/banner can be finished.  I thought it would be for Spring, but summer weather has arrived.   So bring on May and let the circle sewing begin.

Happy stitching.  


  1. Fun circles - swirls and cardinals! Looking forward to seeing your tentative layout for the top.

  2. Had to laugh at the Yoda speak. : )
    Especially love your Cardinal circle. Kudos for keeping up with this project!

  3. The circles are looking cool! Love the new cardinal.

  4. You too have a wonderful variety of fabrics, can't wait to see your layout...mine is very very basic.

  5. I'm looking forward to seeing your layout idea!

  6. Hi Debbie....Love all your circles, especially the one 4th. from the left in the 2nd. row, which looks like a pincushion with a blue poinsettia on top of it. It must be fun to try and find all the unusual fabrics to use, but a help when you receive scraps from other bloggers, such as Wanda. I'm looking forward to when it's all done and the layout begins.

    1. That is one of the Finnish fabrics I got by swapping.

  7. You all are making me want to start on my circles. Yours are looking great!

  8. I've been enjoying everyone's circles and I know it's a year project, but when you said that's April's circles something clicked and I'm thinking about how big these finished projects are going to be, LOL. Absolutely love the cardinal, he's so you :)

  9. Ooh, I do like those plumes, and the circles--how fun!

  10. I like your layout! Great circles and so lovely backgrounds.


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