Thursday, April 28, 2016

Fabrics from friends

  Less progress made yesterday than expected.  It was slow moving from the stiffness and back pain......I went for a deep tissue massage to see if that would help.  Believe me, she found multiple spots that were so tight.  I'll be sore today I know but I sure slept better :)

Wanda at Exuberant Color sent me some very special fabrics to include in the circle quilt.  Three scraps of Charley Harper cardinals.....just perfect for me.  And the one on the left we refer to as "the man" fabric is so cute.  Rows of gents in hat and tails remind me of Charlie Chaplin.  And if you haven't seen Wanda's latest triangle quilt....go see.  It is spectacular.

  A wonderful mix of Finnish fabrics arrived last week from Marja.  I plan on doing a yin-yang style circle out of a couple of them.  Be sure to check out her latest tote bag on her blog.

The most beautiful card arrived stuffed with exciting brights for me to use.  These came from Mary at Hill Country.     The card is going up on my inspiration wall.  Soon I hope to translate it into a fabric creation  of some sort!

Thank you all.....fabric circle friends :))

The Bow Tie blocks finally got assembled. This is the layout I ended up liking and using.  I re-arranged these blocks multiple times in an attempt to find a different layout.  Nothing satisfied me except for a little colorwash effect.   It is on the back burner for now until I decide on borders.....multiple, simple, or not!

  I plan on stitching down some plumes and circles today.  Lots of catching up to do.
  Happy stitching.  


  1. You have had some very fun mail.
    The colorwash effect looks great with the bowties. It is so "you"! : )

  2. Wonderful goodies in the mail. Don't you just love squishy envelopes!

  3. Great goodies in your mailbox! Love those cardinals. Your colorwash bowties are gorgeous.

  4. Isn't fabric the best present? I have a bunch of bow ties from a swap that need to go on the wall- thanks for reminding me!

  5. I think the bow tie layout is great.......colorwash layouts are just too tempting.

    I'm glad you like the fabrics. I like the African one you sent to me too.

  6. I hope your back is much better soon so you can play with all the wonderful fabric gifts.
    Love the bow tie layout.

  7. That Charlie Harper fabric is so you, I'm surprised you don't have yards of it. Someone made an applique quilt of the gray background cardinal and everytime I see it on Pinterest I think of you.

  8. Lucky you receiving those goodies! I love the bow tie setting.

  9. Very fun mail, and I love your bow tie XXX


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