Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Finds April

   Do you have a recessed table for your machine?  Or at least a large extension table to support your work?  I sure hope so, as it makes a big difference on the back/shoulder/arm strain that sewing and free motion quilting makes.   At every class I teach, I strongly encourage students to consider getting a recessed/drop in table for their machines.   They have spent many $$$$  on machines but ignore their work areas.  I saw  a few things that might help....if you are handy or have a handyman nearby.

From Blue Dinosaurs......a tutorial on building a recessed worktable.   She used a fairly inexpensive IKEA table for this project.  I have also seen dining tables from the thrift store that were converted.  So even if you can't afford a custom sewing table, this solution could be what you need.

  Note----table height is important.  The legs might need to be shortened to achieve the correct/best table height for you.

A great you tube video shows an alternate idea.  It is by Rose Lewis and she shows a large extension table that can be built custom for your machine.

Proper sewing table measurements- no slouching so good vision helps.  Time to fight the stoop!:
Ergonomic posture......found at Elizabeth Chandler Designs.     This shows the correct table height and angle to the body for arms and knees.   I know my control improved when I got the correct table for my machine.

Creating my way to Success: Luggage Tags from Jeans Pockets - an Upcycle Tutorial:

    A fun recycle project from Creating My Way blog.   Luggage tags from blue jean pockets are meant to be used on luggage.  Since I am a "non flying" person,  I make tags for my tote bags that I carry to classes and road trips.    And how cute would they be for the kids backpacks for school or camp!

tea bag lavender sachets: One last sewing project......cute sachets in the shape of tea bags!  A friend of mine is pinning tea party ideas like crazy for our next quilt show  and she found these.

 I make lavender sachets and tuck into drawers and in my quilt storage cabinet.  The photo and idea is from Gingermelon on no instructions, just inspiration.   simple scrap of fabric pinked to size (use a real tea bag as a pattern?).  Fill with lavender and stitch the edges.  Add a string  or bit of ribbon to hang.

As always, please visit the original sources for pinning and details if available.
See you on our return.....happy stitching. 


Mary said...

Ergonomics are so important for being able to quilt comfortably, especially for those of us at a certain age.... I love the tea bag sachets!

Mystic Quilter said...

I always look forward to your tips! I pruned my lavender bushes a while ago so lots of tea bag sachets are now on the agenda. Sewing position, my machine set up is the right height, good chair but I do tend to hunch over the machine - need to address that asap.

Dana Gaffney said...

These are some really good picks, I've been thinking about my table lately and thinking about getting something different and I've been wondering about the right height of a chair and table. Thanks!

Janet O. said...

I need to look at that link about correct ergonomics.
Love the luggage tags and sachets. Very fun ideas!

Andrea said...

Love the lavender sachets ideas - and my question is where does one look to buy lavender?

Tarja said...

Wow, I love these laverder tea bags. So cute!

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