Thursday, April 14, 2016

Fusing only today

   I was inspired to do a repeat of sorts.  So today was  just cutting and fusing time.    I had been piecing bricks to make a long banner or table runner.  I had planned a flying geese band for the border.  But I tossed that idea to the wind and decided to just add fused plumes.

   That's a quarter on the purple plume for size reference.  I traced off a few from leftover plumes from the large quilt.  I quickly gave that up and just winged it by cutting free hand.....faster and more quirky since sizes vary greatly.

  It's about 60'' long.  I will begin to stitch down the plumes and decide if I want more or not.  I do enjoy a good

I need to finish up the bread I am stitching tomorrow.

Happy stitching. 


  1. This is beautiful. Definitely worth repeating.

  2. Happy fusing, and eating! Your plumes look like such fun to make.

  3. I like to think of repeats (and I do enjoy them, too) as another piece of art in a series. If important artists can to a "study" of technique or subject, why can't quilters?

  4. A very pretty repeat.
    Oh, I want to smell the bread baking!

  5. Your fused feathers are very beautiful and the resulted top too, I love .

  6. I like the plumes, geese would have been pretty but the look would have been so different. The plumes give it a pretty whimsical look that I love.


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