Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Motifs in fabrics

  Today was the Beginner Free Motion Class at my LQS.....and unknown to me, Marietta had arranged to have a video taken for her FB page!   Hopefully, the video will focus/feature the students as they worked.   The young gal will return for the second class next week to show how the student's progressed.  I sure hope they do all their homework.  Actually, this was one of the best groups I have taught....they moved along exceptionally well.

     I came home and went ahead and pulled some fabrics for the next class.  Part of what I include a the end of the session  is design and motifs.  In other words,  picking out a pattern or motif to quilt. the questions to ask yourself, and looking for hints in the quilt itself.

  You know I love swirls.....quilting and fabrics.  These are a few in my closet.

  Swirls that play off each other. Swirls that curl, mix with leaves,  and form vines.    These motifs should look familiar as they have been a strong influence in what I quilt.

Then I noticed this one......look familiar?

 It is quite similar to the  'fern twist' motif used on my latest project..... those 3 spiky  points look like the motif in the above fabric.    Why reinvent the  wheel/swirl?  Look for hints in your chosen fabric.

  I spent the afternoon, prepping for the upcoming watercolor class next month.  I figured if it was done now, I could concentrate the rest of the week on a project.

  Enjoy....and happy stitching.


Robby H. said...

You're right! That's such a logical approach to picking your quilting design. Something new to think about, thanks.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Thank you for sharing this valuable insight.

Janet O. said...

Great ideas in the prints here.
I'll bet you are an inspiring teacher!

Dana Gaffney said...

That is such a good idea and I wonder if that's what the quilt is saying when it "speaks" to us. A few years ago I saw a blog that used fabric like that for her backing then she just quilted upside down by outlining the backing pattern, interesting idea but I would need to see what's happening on the front.

Quilting Babcia said...

It's always so much fun to find a fabric design that lends itself to a favorite quilting motif! So much inspiration in your swirly fabrics, it's no wonder you love using them.

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