Sunday, October 23, 2016

News and such

Some good news, and some not so good news.

   First, the good news.    Only 2 more weeks of PT and they will graduate me!  The third evaluation this week was good, and no falls/grabs/or tilts in the dreaded balance box!!   My vestibular system-----the sensory system that contributes to the sense of balance and spatial orientation---- is almost back to normal.  That is big good news as it was not working 2 months ago!  I will have exercises to do at home and have the option to return after the first of the year if problems develop or I want more training for balance.

   Second good news from the nerve conduction damage in legs/feet found.  I still have the numbness from feet to waist, but can expect to someday have some feeling return.  I know those are big "ifs/unknowns", yet it gives me hope for some semblance of normal.

  The not so good news was also from the nerve conduction study.  I almost lost it when Dr. Jain said surgery for my hands......carpel tunnel with muscle loss in the right hand is severe.  The left hand is moderate.  So here comes another round of referrals and visits.  If the surgery can be done as out patient with local anesthesia, I will consider it.  I don't relish it, but have taken a couple days to get my mind around it.  

On to sewing news.....
I decided to border the small quilt of circles after all.  A narrow dark blue strip with a tonal beige print will finish it up for quilting.  Unless I decide to add applique to the border....still thinking on that.

  A couple more pineapple blossom blocks were finished too.

Sir Old Man brought the begonia in last night as the temps dropped to 42 degrees.  The photo is not great, but it is a beautiful salmon color.  Robin and his cleaning crew gifted it to me in August when I returned home.  It has been a prolific bloomer and I home to keep it going this winter.

   Not to be out done are the mums brought to me by Becky and family.  This  is almost 24''  across and the blooms are just beginning to fade.

  Sir Old Man took me to the J store for flannel.    I have some sewing to do for Becky's daughter.....mastectomy pillows.   She is only 26 and carries the genetic gene for a very bad breast cancer.  My heart breaks for this wonderful family, so I jumped at the chance to help with pillows.  If you care to send prayers, they would be gratefully appreciated.

  Enough for now.....I need some machine time today.  Happy stitching.


  1. So happy to hear the good news! The bad, not so much. Love what you are doing with your circle quilt. Hmm, I have some flannels that need to be used - the local church group makes the mastectomy pillows and I should gift that fabric.

  2. This is Good News! Please continue to improve. Please keep us posted, my dear.

  3. So happy for the good news, and even the not so good news has the up side of being addressable. Enjoy the blooms.

  4. Rejoicing for the good news & pleased that the bad news can be corrected with some surgery. Before long you will be looking back at 2016 & happy that it's all in the past.
    The quilt of circles is pretty with the blue border. Your potted plants are so colorful & cheery. How is your Christmas Cactus doing? Keep sewing with a song in your heart.

  5. Yipee for the good news, and sorry for the bad. Hopefully the surgery will help. I have tendonitis in my right wrist. My cousin had one of those tests, and just had a double mastectomy done a few weeks ago. She's already had breast cancer once, and doesn't want to risk it again, with the worse strain.

  6. Hurray for the good news!!
    As for the bad, if all goes well with the surgery will it restore some of your feeling in your hands? My MIL had carpal tunnel surgery on one wrist many years ago. When they told her the other one needed it earlier this year she was not thrilled, but it has come a long way since she had the first and recovery was so much easier than before!
    I like your border choices. Very pretty.
    That is a gorgeous begonia, and I do have ever seen such a large Mum!!
    Will definitely join in the prayers for Becky's daughter!

  7. Wonderful to hear so much good news. The bad news is just another bump in the road and your road has been awful bumpy this year :( . Hopefully the hand surgery will eventually give you good news. I'm so glad that you can think of others and help with the mastectomy pillows. I've added that family to my prayers and of course I'm still praying for you. ~Jeanne

  8. two got it!! I too like see the progress on your circle quilt and the plants all look great!!

  9. It's good to dwell on the good news, and take the bad in stride, as you have been doing. I hope the carpal tunnel surgery can be done and the recovery quick and beneficial in the long run for your continued quilting adventures. Looking forward to seeing your completed circle quilt!

  10. Wow, you are progressing beautifully. Congrats. The carpal tunnel should just be a minor setback.
    Prayers for you and for Becky's daughter.

  11. Good morning Debbie, and congrats on the impending graduation from PT. I do believe the carpal tunnel surgery is done as an outpatient, or at least it was for a close friend of ours. He's had both hands done and did very well with it, so will keep you, and now your friend's daughter on my prayer list.

  12. Don't sweat the carpal tunnel ! Easy fix. Had it in both hands, as a professional seamstress, I need both to work. I wanted to postpone the surgery until my assistant could get a few priorities checked off her list. My surgeon urged me to have it taken care of ASAP before permanent damage was done. The procedure took 15 minutes as an out-patient. Kept it elevated and iced for about a week, then stitches were removed and I was back to work. Miraculously, I didn't need the second hand done, it was obviously overcompensating for the other. It's been over 10 years since surgery and all is good. Surgeon made the incision in the palm of my hand in an already existihng crease/wrinkle and the scar is not even noticeable. Don't delay making an appointment, it's truly not a big deal. You'll be back to piecing and quilting in a week or 2.
    Best wishes, Sharon

  13. Will keep your hands in prayer, I hope Sharon's comment help up lift you a little. But the good news outweighs the bad. I like the color choice for the circle quilt too. I will keep Becky and her daughter in in my prayers. I have never heard of the pillows, could you send me a drawn pattern if not too difficult?

  14. Great news! And yes I've had the carpels done too, easy peasy. Honestly, can't feel any pain during and it's under local anaesthetic and your chatting away with the nurses. Doesn't take long and after 10 days stitches come out.
    Tho took my own out at 7 days with my second hand op, so I could drive to hospital where my daughter was for an emergency op! Hand had healed enough for me to do it.

  15. Definitely sending prayers, and for your carpel tunnel surgery to work out well if you opt for it--if I remember right, my brother's were both very easy and outpatient.


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