Friday, May 26, 2017

A Rail Fence

   Floral rail fence blocks were my stitching project last week.  This pattern is about the only zig-zag pattern I can do now......chevrons make me dizzy usually.  I completed the half dozen blocks needed and then put it all together.
Not a lot of thought to this and it was perfect to keep me busy.  It's 48'' by 60'' right now.....undecided about a border.

  And a small watercolor got sewn.  It needs a border and maybe some applique.  As it is the size is 15'' by 21''.....about the size I have students work on in class.

  I had a couple more emails about patterns for watercolors.  I don't have/sell/provide patterns.  But if you look around at photos, magazines, books.....there are plenty of inspirations.  It is not really possible to capture an exact picture but they do provide a great starting point.

For instructions....visit the pages listed under the blog banner.  I have links to posts for information, and fabric selection.

Visit Whims for watercolor kits and packets of fabric strips.    Since variety of fabrics is needed for one of these projects, I think their strip sets are the way to build up a collection to start.  They are the only place I know for watercolor kits.

  Or the organizing side.....I can now see the floor in the guest room.  Not the bed, just the floor.  I am not sure all the fabric will fit back into the stash closet, so I am taking my time to figure it out.  Who needs guests anyway?
Enjoy this holiday weekend.   Happy stitching.


  1. After a bit of a search, I think you are right about the watercolor quilt kits. Even the ones sold on Amazon are by Whims. I know that Wanda at Exuberant Color sometimes sells "starter kits" but they are just that for a start not a complete project.

  2. Beautiful quilt. Don't overdo putting things back together. The sewing results are fabulous.

  3. Your watercolor quilts are so pretty. They give me a calm, peaceful feeling. ---"Love"

  4. Очень красивый забрчик. Акварель как всегда хороша!

  5. "Who needs guests anyway?" *LOL* Love it!!

  6. Love your floral zig zags! Good luck organizing - amazing how much time that takes. Enjoy your weekend! ~Jeanne

  7. Your chevron quilt is lovely. Funny how your eyes play tricks on you....string quilts do weird things to my eyes! Thanks for the link to the quilt kits. Whims has some good info on her site.

  8. Insert dizzy blonde joke here:... LOL
    When I first met you I followed your directions on how to make a watercolor quilt, it was well thought out, easy to follow and I was able to make a beautiful watercolor heart quilt. I think that's the jumping off point people need to read if they want to learn your process.


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