Friday, May 12, 2017

Good stuff in small packages

  If you have a treasured Featherweight on!
  My machine was a little sluggish when I sewed on her last week.  Then I read a post on Connie's blog, Freemotion by the River.  She shared a couple of items she ordered from the Singer Featherweight Shop.   So I made a visit.

Photo from Singer-Featherweight Shop
  Yes, I need one of accurate seam guide.

And a new bottle of oil, and some grease.....Sir Old Man will know exactly how to use these two:)

Gift Certificate (incremented from $10 - $1000)
Photo from Singer-Featherweight Shop
Let's see, what else can I find.  An LED light bulb to help me see better for that accurate seam allowance.  Oh, an a replacement thumb screw for the presser foot.  Just little things to help get things running smoother.

  And get this everything comes tied with rick rack!  So cute, and a wonderful touch.

There's even a page called "Schoolhouse".......all information and tutorials and details a FW owner/lover will need.   Be sure to download and print out the page with the oiling details.
And lest I forget.....very quick service with free shipping.  A plus plus for me :)
   Stop by and check things out.
   Sorting, shifting, and moving is on schedule.  I even spent some time cutting and prepping for a future leader and ender project.  I won't be bored next week....just stressed as they lift the foundation of the sewing room.

Thanks for all the enabling for my buying more fabric.  Got to say Catpatches took the cake.  She said, "Life is short.  Buy the fabric."
Happy stitching.


Dana Gaffney said...

Nice purchases, I wish all machines had diagrams and instructions for cleaning and oiling. The foundation fixed and moving back in will be good, everything cleaned out and organized.

Linda Swanekamp said...

I love the Singer Featherweight shop. I clean and service Featherweights to help finance my comfort quilts. I order from them all the time and FREE shipping- what's not to like? The LED bulbs are terrific and the rick rack always makes me smile. I use TR3 polish from the automotive store to shine 'em up- safe for the clearcoat and decals. I just cleaned a 1935 beauty that had the fastest motor I have even seen in a one. Now, if only I could find a 222 for less than a king's ransom...

Gene Black said...

I have a FW that I got on I am ordering a light for it. I have had it for a long time and I don't use it probably because of the light. (And I need to do a little more service on it - although it sews great.)
I wish Linda S were close, I would get her to work on it.

Ray and Jeanne said...

The Singer Featherweight Shop is a favorite place of mine. I reentry bought the thread guide and love it. I do need to get and LED light. Best of luck with your 'moving' project. ~Jeanne

Quilting Babcia said...

I'll need to look into that LED light for my featherweight. I've ordered from this shop in the past, and their service has always been wonderful. So nice to 'rediscover' them - thanks for the link.

Janet O. said...

Thanks for the info and link to this shop. I have bookmarked it. I can see I am going to NEED to order! So many tempting goodies!! : )

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Somewhere I have a similar seam guide (I wonder where I put it), but, I prefer my 1/4" foot for my Featherweight. The same foot also fits most of my vintage machines. I do like my LED bulb (now I don't burn myself all the time), but, I still use an extra light. My eyes are old, and need all the light on the needle, that I an get.

Vivian said...

The SFS is so great! I got a few things from them when I serviced my Featherweight last year. You'll love that light -- so much brighter than the original bulb and it keeps the light shield cooler. That seam guide and the thread stand for cross-wound spools is still on my wish list. Be sure to check out their post on the little dresden spool pin doily! Next step for me is making a tote bag for my machine that will feature one of their FW fusible decals.

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