Friday, June 23, 2017

Heading for the edge

  Nothing like approaching the end of the month and realizing you have ignored, and evaded the one goal on the list from last month!!!  The task  was  to quilt the 9 patch quilt that has been sitting patiently for me.  I figured a bit each day and I could finish it up by the end of the week.

  I was zipping about on full cruise control mode, and I could hear a difference in the sound.  And then a tug.  I looked up and noticed the spool of thread was almost empty.  Close enough to the end, to make me head for the edge of the quilt.    I would rather change spools while on the edge that run out of thread in the middle.
  And I figured it was a good time for a break.   I needed to clean the bobbin area, and  to add some oil.  That change in sound is the signal of either lint build up  in the bobbin, or that the thread has slipped out of the tension disk.

  One other thing I worked on this week......I cut strips from the fabric I was gifted over the weekend.   Browns, tans, black and gray with a touch of blue will make a manly color scheme.  It's a bit narrower than I wanted, as I only had about 30 strips.   My florals would not have worked with it.  Florals......ah, maybe I should do one with all those strips I have stashed.

  So I will be quilting for a few more days......probably all weekend.    Actually that sounds like a good plan.  Happy stitching.


  1. A strip quilt made of your flower strips would be lovely, a field of gorgeous.

  2. Looking good, Debbie! It is rare to get to the end of an Auriful spool, they last so long!

  3. I bought a Quilters Eye unit this week, because for me the change in sound usually signals bottom tension issues and I can't hack crawling under the long arm, craning my neck and seeing the stitches. Very pricey, but my neck appreciates it.

  4. I know that feeling of hitting the end of a spool (that tug) in the middle of a quilt. I head for the edge also.

  5. I lived that very thing in my quilting last night--change of sound (needed oil), and running out of thread (but mine was in the bobbin). Those machines do talk, don't they?
    I think you have a great weekend plan. Hope to see your progress when it is over.

  6. Your nine-patch quilt is looking great! Sorry you ran out of thread. It must be a Friday thing; I ran out today too, but like Janet, mine was a bobbin, with only 6" left to go on what I was working on. ---"Love"

  7. Gotta listen carefully to our faithful machines, don't we? They speak to us! I like your "manly" quilt. I don't have many of those neutral in my stash, but always enjoy seeing them together like this.


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