Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Those 16 patch blocks

  I put together a couple of the 16 patch this afternoon to see what I had come up with. 

    I immediately saw 2 different  gardens.....a country garden and a shade garden.    All of the combinations in this photo remind me of a country garden.   The type with a few weeds, volunteer plants, some shade and bright sun. 

  Selecting the 2 fabrics to pair together is the hardest part for sure.  If the contrast fabric to the floral is too busy, the combo will be quite muddy.

   In this group I paired dark batiks and a dark green with brighter florals.   This says shade garden to me, which is fine by me.  I'm just not quite sure how it will all combine. 

  I have plenty of floral strips already cut, so I have a huge selection to pick from.  The darker contrast takes more time to hunt down.  Since this is an experiment to see what happens, and what I like, I'll just mix and match till I am satisfied. 

  The first 4 blocks of the orange peels are ready for stitching down.  The color is a bit off here, but these blocks make me smile.  I see a happy little girl twirling and laughing.  Exactly what I think these fabrics need. 

So I have plenty of work for me this week.
Happy stitching. 


  1. I think the background fabric you have behind the orange peels is perfect. It is so bright and happy.

  2. The yellow behind the orange peels make the colors happy and bouncy, very cool. Love the 16 patch samples, can't wait to see more.

  3. You are right. Your orange peel quilt will be perfect for a little girl. I'm looking forward to seeing the 16 patch project progress too.

  4. The orange peel quilt is going to be well loved - it is perfect with that cheery background. I'm so glad you chose to use those fabrics. Happy sewing. ~Jeanne

  5. Mmmm, beautiful soft yellow, makes my heart sing - that is going to be a fabulous little quilt. I love where the 16-patch blocks are heading too, had to chuckle at country garden as it sounds like ours with the volunteer and weed plants! But I'm particularly smitten with the deep rich colors showing up in your shade garden. Have fun stitching!

  6. I like your country garden and shade garden ideas.

  7. Your country garden and shade garden analogies are perfect. Looking forward to seeing this develop.

  8. Interesting perspective on the 16-patch blocks. You have such an eye for what works with your florals.
    Very happy Orange Peel blocks--they will make a great quilt for a little girl.

  9. The country garden/shade garden blocks are a great tease. Can't wait to see what you do with them. Love the beginnings of the orange peel quilt for the new baby. It will be such a cheery quilt for her.

  10. oooo - I like the idea of a shade-garden quilt . . .


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