Friday, February 9, 2018

More box blocks and lamp base

  I use several swing arm lamps for extra lighting when sewing and also quilting on the Tiara---aka Hot Legs.  A week or so ago, the one over my machine would not stand up and kept falling over.  I thought the spring has  But no, the base support was cracked and could not hold the lamp upright.  Sir Old Man to the rescue---once again.    Scrap wood, glue, drill, sand....etc, and I had a new strong base support for the lamp by the sewing machine.   

 Since he had it figured out now, it was easy to make a couple more bases for the swing arm lamps over the Tiara.    These are the type that are screwed to the edge of the table and the base drops into the support. 
   No more sewing and stitching in shadow land!  And the wood is so much prettier than black plastic! 

   I haven't done a lot of sewing this week......mainly just more of the same.  By that I mean more Boxed Square blocks.    I have cut thru my boxes of cut strips for these 90 floral blocks.    Gulp!  I think I noticed one duplicate floral fabric.
  Anyway, these blocks will be 4 1/2'' this would be 40'' by 45'' if sewn now.    So I need to decide if I want to duplicate fabric and go larger,  or hunt in the closet for more uncut fabrics,  or stay smaller in size and add borders.  We won't include the option of stash enhancement/shopping trip.  Not for floral 

   Seeing the photo.....I am leaning towards larger.....I really like this floral mix a lot.  I will ponder this question as I assemble some Crossroads blocks I had forgotten as well as stitch a few garlic knot blocks too.  Heavy rain predicted for the weekend, so it will be a good one for stitching.  Happy stitching.


  1. A good sturdy base is so essential for lighting, thanks to Sir Old Man you're in business again. I think your quilt is pretty enough that it needs enlarging so you can snuggle under it when the cold winds blow.

  2. Love the fix on the lamp. Good lighting is essential for good quilting. i vote for borders added, then duplicate fabrics and then another border. (yes I know that wasn't an option on your list. LOL)

  3. Isn't it great to have a full time handyman? He does quality work, too!!
    I agree with going larger. It is a really pretty design and would look great on a bed.
    Though charm quilts are fun in theory, I have never felt compelled to make a quilt with no repeat fabrics. Takes to much effort for my wee brain to keep track. :)

  4. Great fix on the lamps! I really need Sir Old Man to visit our house every so often! ~Jeanne

  5. I use that kind of lamp too. I love its versatility. I vote for larger with duplicate fabric blocks. This is looking great.

  6. So nice that you have a handy man around. Love the florals and I have mine ready for Monday Making play. Duplicates wouldn't be a problem as this is just so pretty.

  7. The quilt will be a lovely garden to sleep under.

  8. What a nice job with the lamp bases! Going larger with your quilt would be good, more snuggle room!


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